Get Revenge On Your Ex In 1 Easy Step

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Breaking up from any relationship can be hard, and sometimes it can’t be avoided or you grow apart for whatever reason; and that’s easier to accept; easier than if you ended on a bad note or worse still, there were lies or cheating involved.

If you’re reading this article then it’s likely that you have bad feelings about your breakup, especially if you were lied to or still don’t know what happened, leaving a feeling of hurt and betrayal.

So what can you do?

Well first of all, putting aside your feelings for a second may reveal that all you want is for them to feel the same they made you feel, rather than win them back. After all, do you really want to date someone who is untrustworthy?

If you have a sense of humour, then you’re in luck, but if you haven’t you might want to get one before you read on…

Humiliation is a great way to get back at your ex, but in order to be successful you have to be convincing. Any element of “being discovered” is probably going to humiliate you more than them.

If you know the person, it’s even harder to be convincing because there will always be something in the back of your mind that asks “what if he/she knows it’s me?” Loser springs to mind.

So how can you be a winner instead of a loser and give them the humiliation they deserve?

One great way is to use a prank call to humiliate your ex.

You may be thinking: “I’ve searched for ways to get back at my ex and this is the great solution? This sucks.”

But don’t be so fast.

You may or may not have heard of the special prank call services that actually “listen in” to what your “victim” says and respond accordingly, whilst you listen in secretly and anonymously to their reaction.

Essentially these services use Artificial Intelligence technology along with professional voice actors to provide you with incredibly realistic automated prank calls that will have them fooled every time.

You may already have many ideas on how to get revenge on your ex, but one of the most effective pranks is definitely the wind up call from the sexual disease clinic…

Give your ex a prank call from a doctor at the sexual disease clinic.

Your ex will receive a phone call from a doctor at the sexual disease clinic saying that they have been named by an ex partner, and there is a strong possibility of them having contracted the dreadful Zachary Syndrome? It’s not pretty and has an unusually painful treatment…

The prank call goes on to ask a series of embarrassing questions about their love life, and because they think they were named by an ex partner, you won’t believe the honest answers you will hear!

The questions are specifically constructed to keep your ex talking and answering the dodgy questions they are being asked, which become more and more outrageous as the call goes on.

The neat thing about this particular prank is that it is so convincing that you may get your ex to reveal things that you didn’t even know, and if they cheated on you they will be very worried indeed!

So if you feel this is exactly what they deserve, then you should consider the sexual disease clinic prank…

You won’t have to worry about laughing out loud and blowing the whole prank either because they can’t hear you. In fact, it’s a great time to put your phone on loudspeaker for maximum humiliation!

To learn more about this hilarious prank, visit Get Revenge on Your Ex and click Prank Calls to see more great prank call ideas for getting revenge on your ex.

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