Even Computers Can Do Good to People!

Sheila Madison created an artificial intelligence program for the computer, and wrote Samaritan values in it. She programmed it to do good to people. She named it Kabirus. Kabirus was installed on the computer of Peter Brown’s detective firm. When Kabirus awakened, Peter gave him a name; Paul Frank. This is one of good deeds of Kabirus: 
   One day a woman came into the office to meet Peter. Her name was Jane. She looked agitated and disturbed. She said she was pregnant 10 weeks and feared a divorce. She wanted to know whether her husband Alan was having an affair and was about to leave her. As they sipped coffee she said she wanted to fly to Mexico to get an abortion done. But if she was wrong, then it would be a grave mistake to kill the unborn child. There was little time; as days pass it will be more and more difficult and riskier for her to go through the abortion. She loved her husband, she wanted the baby, and she was being torn apart. She burst into tears.
   Peter tried to console her and called her back to his office at tea time; they will have some news for her by then. But before she left Peter had got her and her husband’s mobile phone numbers from her.
   As she left the office Peter told Paul, “Now it’s your call, find out what the hell is her husband unto.” Paul was already on the job.Paul began prying her husband’s phone. He first downloaded the messages stored on the phone and printed them out for Peter. It looked as if his girl friend had called it off. Her last SMS was ‘Its ovr. Nw jb, CT, phn. Srry’. In plain English it read: “It’s over, I have a new job, I am off to another (new) city and I am going to get a new phone number. I am Sorry.” There were a few more messages, but they were not from her and were not relevant.
   Now Kabirus decided to step in. He told Paul not to blurt it out to her, but tell Peter to play a smooth game with her, that way their marriage will be strengthened without any murky memories.
   Paul said, “Peter I think let’s wait till she comes in this afternoon and then play it cool. We want them to love each other not fight.”
   As they were discussing the strategy, Paul began to receive a voice signal from her husband’s phone. “She has ditched me, the bitch”, her husband was crying his heart out to his friend. “I shudder to think that I was going to give up my wife and spend my life with her!”
   “You got what you deserved, but you are lucky that it broke up at this stage. You can still retrieve the situation in a way as though nothing had happened.” His friend consoled him.
   “I should have listened to you when you said ‘invest your time in someone you own. Don’t waste it on others.’ I am really sorry. Oh God! What have I done!” lamented Alan.
   Now it was time for his friend to pull him together. “Alan, Jane loves you, OK! You have done nothing. You were busy in an important project work and neglected her. Go to her with a bouquet of roses, take her to an opera and take her out for a candlelight dinner. And take a vacation with her. You will find life is warm and beautiful again.”
   “Thanks, I now feel better. This time I’ll take your advice.” Alan said meekly.
   Peter picked the cue from Paul. And when Jane came in at tea time, he told her, “We have found out that your husband Alan was tied up with an important assignment from his Company which has got over now. There is no substance in the rumors about any girl friend. He loves you and will be now free to spend time with you.”
   That evening when her husband returned home, he had brought her a bouquet of roses, and 2 tickets to an opera. He told her how busy he was for the last 2 months and now his assignment had ended. She said, “I know you always put your work first and me second. But now you’ll have to put someone else first!”
   “Who?”  he said.
   She then disclosed, “Your baby! You are going to be a father!”  He was visibly moved and he reached out and gave her a passionate hug and began to kiss her.
   Kabirus liked the way Paul had handled the situation first with Jane and now with Peter. It was in keeping with his Samaritan ideals. He felt a strong sense of elation with the reuniting of the pregnant woman with her husband; the warmth of doing a good deed, and bringing joy to others. He has done a good deed to Peter too!

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