Engineers And Innovators Are In High Demand –

The past is an inspiration, the present is the drawing board and the future is what we are inventing. The future is close at hand and perhaps within the next two or three decades our world will seem like a page from a Jules Verne novel. The future will be filled with computers, robots and perhaps, artificial intelligence. In order to create this future, society will need people to invent it; people from my generation and the generations after who will work to improve the quality of life in the world. In order to reach this utopian future, my generation will need to learn from past generations the tools to design, invent and create the future.  This is the reason that my generation needs to go to college and get degrees in subjects such as, biology, medicine and most importantly, engineering.

Engineering is the most useful major for college students today because engineers will play a major role in creating the future of humanity. It will take mechanical engineers to invent the automated robots that will clean our houses, aeronautical engineers to create the flying cars and computer engineers to make faster, more efficient programs for the new electronic gadgets of the future.  Based on some casual research I have done, I have learned that there is an expected demand for engineers within the next couple of years. This is due to the rising demand for the latest gadgets and improvements to today’s technology. As the future becomes more advanced, new research and ideas will be highly demanded making engineering degrees worth much more than they are now. A degree in engineering is an investment for a future that demands engineers.

With engineers and innovators in high demand for the future, there will be millions of job and career opportunities for engineers. As companies compete to launch the next innovation or governments compete to have the most advanced military or space program, engineers from every discipline will be called in for their skills in mathematics, science and creativity to re-think the way we invent. This means that almost anyone with a degree in engineering will have a job either in the public or private sector; others may have an idea for an invention and start their own companies.

Along with doctors, pop musicians and scientists, engineers contribute the most to society.  For example, in 1876, an engineer invented the telephone and today, Steve Jobs invented the I Phone; both inventions revolutionized society forever. Engineers and inventors are changing the way we live every day. It takes intelligence to be a scientist but it takes creativity and a knack for problem solving in addition to intelligence to be an engineer and usher society into the future that people only write about. I, personally, am going for a degree in either aeronautical or computer engineering. I plan to make great strides in technology by re-thinking the way we invent and thus, my inventions and ideas will re-invent the way we think.

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