Day Trading Robot Review of Two New Ai Robots

I don’t know about you, but I am fed up with the get rich quick schemes online. Everyone out there is promising heaven and delivering a ripoff. Worthless e-book junk and advertisements that make it sound so easy, but all of them are hard to pull off. Everyone gets suckered by the so called “guru techniques” that NEVER work for the average person. This article describes two of the most promising trading robots on the market that both have a 100% money back guarantee and easy access to customer service phone numbers and e-mail support.

The latest in the online trading, both day trading and forex, are robots that supposedly have “artificial intelligence” (or AI) that makes them smarter than the best human day traders. Below is a quick description of the two latest and greatest that have been released in the past month. I have signed up for the Day Trading Robot newsletter (at a cost of $97.00 USD) and will write an article review as soon as I try it out.

Offers an 8 week money back guarantee for all products, including the newsletter, which is the cheapest of the products. There is a recurring subscription fee if you purchase and install the robot – So, for the newsletter for a week or two TO MAKE SURE IT WORKS, just watch the picks and calculate the profit you COULD have made by making the trades. Once you are sure and feel comfortable, you can invest a SMALL about of money to try it out for yourself. When you promote DayTradingRobot… You can earn money on three sales. The first product is $97, immediately after checkout the customer is given the opportunity to buy product 2 ($197)… And immediately after that, they can buy product 3 ($197). As the affiliate, you earn 75% on all three sales. The Day Trading Robot was developed in part my Dr. Robert Finn. Dr. Finn is a pioneer in the research of “Artificial Neural Networks”… These networks act like an artificial brain. At the “heart” of the robot is a database of chart patterns. These patterns are guarded heavily… And are even encrypted within the robot.  You’ see… When a stock forms one of these stock patterns, they almost always rise… Usually within hours. And though most of these patterns only lead to 20 or 30% gains… They are extremely safe trades.

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60 Day – No Questions asked 100% money back guarantee with a $149 onetime fee. FAP Turbo claims the robot can make back the cost of purchase in a day or less. They claim to have backtested the robot for 2 years with 9,645 Total Trades, 95.9% of which made profits, at an overall 5,000% NET Profit for all trades that were placed. As soon as you sign-up for FAP Turbo you’ll receive your very own welcome package and access to your VIP Members area. From here you’ll be given your unique license key for the robot. As soon as the robot is installed on your computer, you’re ready to follow the step-by-step training instructions and set yourself on the path to success.

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