Honda’s New 3E Robotics Concept Coming to 2018 CES

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Skynet is coming! Sure, now it’s all fun and games with robots jumping around in the forest or being the Grand Marshall of the Indy 500, but one of these days, these bots are going to wind up scheming plans of their own. Before you go putting on your tinfoil hat and locking yourself up in a basement full of ammo, we can still giggle at the novelty of autonomous vacuum cleaners. Honda’s got a few new bots for us to smile about as its bringing four new bots to the upcoming 2018 Consumer Electronics Show. 

Honda calls it the 3E Robotics Concept. The three E’s are empower, experience, and empathy. The bots are going to show off advanced technology engineered to promote mobility. Honda is going to unveil the four machines at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. These new bits of equipment include a companion bot that can show compassion to humans with different facial expressions, a chair-type mobility concept for casual use indoors or out, a small mobility concept with cargo space, and an autonomous off-road vehicle. All of these are designed to make peoples’ lives better.

These are some genuinely cool new innovations here. I’m sure most of us would like our luggage to follow us through the airport without having to lug it along and a chair-type mobility unit that you don’t need ramps to navigate with would certainly help in a lot of cases.

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