GoPro Hero 6 Black to feature 4K video recording at 60fps

A look at the GoPro Hero 5. A newer iteration, the

Those eagerly awaiting the release of GoPro Hero 6 Black need not wait much longer, as the device is slated for a Sept. 28 launch. It is expected to come with a 12-megapixels that can capture 4K videos at 60 frames per second (fps).

Its best-seller predecessor the Hero 5 Black only had a frame rate of 30 fps, marking the features of the Hero 6 Black the first of its line. The new GoPro camera is also targeting the adrenaline junkies demanding a high-performing action camera that doesn’t blur images while in a faster motion.

A leaked photo shared to Photo Rumors confirms that the compact design will still be there despite the power upgrade of the snapper. This means the accessories used for the Hero 5 can be used for the Hero 6 without any problems. The camera will also be water-resistant up to 33 feet.

In a press release back at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, GoPro CEO Nick Woodman stated the company is planning to invest in hardware, mobile and cloud tech — gearing more to efficient improvements while taking into consideration their costumer’s opinion on their more recent products as well as the older ones.

Woodman also shared at the CES Electronics Trade Show in Las Vegas back in January that the company is envisioning a spherical GoPro action camera that can capture and edit 360-degrees of footage with personalized editing features. This lead to camera enthusiasts imagining the GoPro Omni in a 360-degree rig equipped with a mobile phone editing and sharing capabilities. This was eventually revealed to be the GoPro Fusion.

The pricing of the new GoPro has yet to be released in the coming the days. GoPro Hero 5 Black has a price tag of $400 on Amazon with its competitor bidding at $340 capturing UHD resolutions at 60fps.

GoPro Hero 6 Black releasing to the market in the Christmas shopping season will also mean that the sale of the GoPro Hero 4 will soon be discontinued.

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