CES 2011 And Android Gadgets

The Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas this year definitely produced more android gadgets than even most tech experts speculated. Just because the Android platform is an open source project, many companies are jumping on the bandwagon to produce a tablet using the latest versions that has been specifically designed for functionality on larger screens. There are many hot cell phones running the Android OS and now the Gingerbread and Honeycomb releases of the Android operating system promise seamless scaling of the applications that were developed for the smaller screens on these cell phones. With a huge app store called “Android Market” already in place there is a rather successful distribution channel for developers to give away and sell the software that has been developed for use on any Android enabled Gadget.

Motorola seems like they want to be a serious android player, bringing both a cell phone and a new tablet to the CES show rooms. Even Coby seems like they may end up becoming a real manufacturer of some “usable” Android devices after their less than impressive launches of some Android Tabs earlier on in 2010. This market is growing and everybody wants a piece of it, so don’t be surprised if we continue to see more and more Android gadgets and tablets pop up throughout the year.

Among all the tablets and cell phones running Android at the CES get together this year was something that really stood out but was still powered by the Android OS. A company called Recon Instruments brought a crazy set of snow goggles they are calling Transcend with them. These snow goggles show the wearer a heads up display in real time that calculates speed, temp, altitude, time and even can track where you have been using Google maps. This is one of the few Android devices that really stuck out and it is about time that some companies start using this free OS to make something unique instead of just building a shell to drop the software on like many others decided to do for the world’s biggest consumer electronics show this year.

We hope to see more true innovation with the Android OS like this in the future. However, there are still problems with fragmentation of versions that affect the ability of the OS, functionality of the devices and overall confusion to those who buy and use the Android gadgets out there. This is one area where Apple stands strong and hopes that their lack of variety can trump the general disarray caused by having many different manufacturers trying to produce hardware for the Android OS.

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