2016 Tesla Model S cannot park itself properly when using Summon in reverse

It seems my 2016 Tesla Model S can’t park itself properly when using Summon in reverse. However, Summon works fine when facing forward.

Love a car and understand that it has many features labeled as “beta” to avoid lawsuits but Tesla should stand behind their product and resolve whatever the problem is.

Now, for those that complain “I should park the car myself.” That defeats the purpose of buying A Tesla, to begin with. Would you buy a toaster that could toast bread slices but not bagels? Probably not… but if you did then that’s your problem. Not mine.

I purchased my Tesla for the features. I also expect these features to work safely and consistently. If you purchased a new vehicle that costs nearly $100,000 you would expect the features and options in the car to work properly.

The fact it can park frontwards without any problems means there is an issue with how the sensors are seeing the rear when trying to Summon in reverse.

Some might say that it’s a first generation car and thus problems and issues could be expected. Factually, the first Tesla Model S was released in 2012. Since then there have been numerous upgrades and modifications to the car. Some of these are performance related while others are added features like Auto Pilot and Summon.

As you can see in the video, in reverse the car almost crashes into the wall. Imagine if it was myself or a child there. The end result would be terrible.

So before you go posting negative comments about how I am spoiled, or I should park the car myself, or anything negative. Think about how you would feel if you spent money on something you expected to work and did not, then factor in the incredible cost of this car and maybe you will understand my disappointment.

Also, take into consideration that if I did not report the problems and record them Tesla would not have any documentation or video to understand the reported problem and thus help fix whatever the issue is.

Thank you

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  1. it's obviously being put off by the stuff on the lhs. Bet if you took it out it would work ok
    Well, just my guess anyway

  2. At 2:04 seconds i can see a green wooden board that is kept slant at the bottom left ,near by the racks. I think that might have rebounced the ultrasonic waves in a way that might have made the car to take a decision it was a wall.Try removing that board and park in summon mode

  3. I don't know what the problem is. I get much better results with my newer S 60. You might try playing with the side clearance setting. I'd almost say you had some bad sensors, but the car should tell you that.

  4. So you are claiming that your "2011 BMW 550 could do this" ….had Summons and could back into your garage without anyone in the driver's seat using your key fob or smartphone to control. ??
    Why not show the video to your service center before posting here and see what they say AND THEN provide helpful info to other Tesla owners about the results of this test and Tesla's response. That would be a constructive way to address this issue.

    Educated guess, as others have noted.. sensors are picking up all those objects along the wall and trying to steer clear… could be bad or maladjusted sensors … or just may be all that stuff you have in your garage. The ones on your the passenger side rear are clearly not picking up the wall as you back in and get closer and closer to the wall. Need to have that checked.

  5. Here's a funny story. Mine would do this either so I talked to Tesla and they even came to my house and we found that a shelf was screwing with the reverse sensors. So I moved it and now it has very little problem.

  6. you are in the amazing position to own one of these incredible cars , and you complain she parks a bit skewy ?    these so much more bad stuff going on in the world and you moan about your self parking car ? park her yourself !

  7. It think it gets confused by the door when backing in, it sees a bunch of room and then angles itself appropriately, but it doesn't correct itself after. Wieeerd

  8. Wow that is so weird! I was trying to think about objects and what the sensors are seeing, but it's hard to tell. Could it be allowing the driver side door enough/too much room to get in when it's parked?

  9. As a future Model 3 owner I'm very interested to know how Tesla responds to your problem.  And thank you for posting this!

  10. try moving everything over to door side. the doors void may be the problem. also is there radar for rear camara. that may be why pulling in works better for summen. good luck.

  11. I don't know if this issue is fixed now, but if not I would sugest going inside the car and doing autopark to see what the sensors are looking at, if they're detecting the walls and still does the same, I'd think is a glitch in the software, if you see that the car is not detecting a wall, it might be a sensor or the way the garage reflects the ultrasonic waves. Anyway, I think you should talk to Tesla, I'm sure they will be happy to help! Good luck and I'll stay tuned to see how this turns out! Thanks for the report!

  12. Ever Since Tesla replaced my Front bumper and Radar (Hit a deer) my summon has been acting worse than it was before I got into the accident. Now if I use auto-park it will hit the curb and continue to try to go over it until it eventually gives up. And if I use summon in my garage it will either almost hit my wife's 85D! Or hit the wall which it has already and it doesn't pull all the Way in my garage and will let the garage door slam down on it! Now my trunk has a scratch on it and my front & rear bumper has scratches on it! And Tesla re-calibrated the radar and it still is doing the same thing!

  13. I think it is detecting the doorway and then turning. I would try putting a big piece of cardboard parallel to the wall so it blocks the recess of the door and makes it level with the wall. If that fixes it, you can try to tape something to the door that sticks out to make it even with the wall as a temporary hokey fix until tesla can fix the glitch.

  14. i think u can program it to park the way u park it, as a memory. it remembers ur position or something.. i red it somewhere… might be fake idk i cant afford this baby

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