The Nest Thermostat is the Devil !!!!!!

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29 thoughts on “The Nest Thermostat is the Devil !!!!!!

  1. Ralph I trust your opinion, which smart stat do you stand by? Had a women wanting the Nest but her location was in her 10' x 8' office ,I told her stat had to be centrally location her response was this is where she wanted it. I told her I couldn't install it in there.I installed 5 wire centrally located in her house. She was pissed, I told her if I put it where she wanted you would call me back. Builder agreed with me and she still insisted to put it in her office. I picked up my check for duct alteration.Told the builder I don't need home owner to dictate where things must go.He agreed with me . Needlessly Didn't get the job for Nest install. Life is a bitch and then you actually meet a few of them!! Nice Video Ralph.

  2. Gosh dern technobibble! Lol don't blame the device because the person that set it up was too stupid to set it up right.

  3. I have 4 nest thermostats that I even installed myself and no issues at all. Get it. It will pay himself in 2 months.

  4. You have to reset the settings, not because you removed the face, but because you changed the wiring configuration. Nest tech support is the best in the industry. Just a call away.

  5. We had the local utility company install a shit load of these in homes as part of an energy savings plan. I lost count on how many I replaced in old people's homes. Old people (and dumb people) and Nest tstats do not go together! The nuisance calls are extremely high with these tstats, because there is too many variables in the programming that the customer has too easy access to. People fiddle with them. The old people couldn't be more happy with a simple large screen Focus Pro.

  6. You sir, are an embarrassment to the HVAC community. How unprofessional to post a video like this representing your company. Acting like a total buffoon on camera. Obviously you are mad that you can't identify wires going from the AHU to the Nest. Just because there is a BLUE wire does not mean it has to go to a specific terminal on the AHU or the stat.

  7. I have two nests connected to two separate heating and cooling systems. One of the systems is a 1940 gravity feed boiler. I've had no issues in the over 12 months with my thermostats have been installed. In fact I love them.

  8. I have a nest been thought 3 bases heat will turn on and not shut off have to disconnect the w wire to shut it off nest is refunding my money back they don't even know what's wrong.

  9. guy can't even speak properly, not surprised he can't figure out how this works… probably used to install the same thermostat from the 80's over and over

  10. Step 1 to a professional company: Agree that it doesn't look very professional to curse continiously at something that you can't get to work. Step 2: Practise getting the stuff to work, without letting anyone know your failures while doing so. Even if it is the worst device ever, a real pro would get it to work.

  11. I have along with 30 yrs in the electronics industry, 3 awards and many points of recognition in my discipline. I and several of my asian colleagues cannot understand why this unit has a 3.1mA/H cell phone battery back up along with a high gain microphone. We can understand the visible EMS and infrared camera sensor but not the over kill tied to WiFi the consumer pays for. I was asked by a love one to install this and I decided to find out why such a nice piece of technology was free and got an eye full. Hmmmmm Before Edward Snowden defected from the U.S. and then I saw his report.

  12. It's like watching a 4 year old complaining about something they don't understand. Package that thing back up and send it back. You're too stupid to own any kind of technology.

  13. Thank you, I was looking to replace my thermostat bc some moron installed one that's not supposed to be used on a heat pump, so I think it's keeping my heat strips on constantly and causing my electric bill to go way up. Now I know not to get a nest, what do you think about the Honeywell smart wifi thermostat? Thanks again in advance

  14. In this age of hackers and computer glitches it's better to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). The less technology we can have on certain things the better we are all off!
    Just get your a programmable Honeywell thermostat and set it up and be done with it!

  15. The nest thermostat sucks, i am tired of waking up in a pool of sweat because this retarded thermostat keeps changing the temp.

  16. I ended up getting rid of my Nest and just putting a $25 "dumb" stat on the wall. My equipment is much happier. I did this after Nest kept stupidly calling for heat and then turning the fire off 2 minutes later. And no firmware trouble where my heat doesn't work because Nest's servers are down.

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