Nest Thermostat (v2) Consumer Review, Install, and Setup

I show you the Nest Thermostat, installation and review.

13 thoughts on “Nest Thermostat (v2) Consumer Review, Install, and Setup

  1. How is the Nest working? I live in Scottsdale AZ… Awesome to find a review from the same state! Do you see it saving you $$$??

  2. I get this free soon sense I signed up with reliant energy. Probably paying for it through the overpriced rate but im excited to get a new gadget that is shiny that i dont need at all. Yayyyy America. 

  3. my electric/gas combination bill went down, before and after on the budget, $67.00 a month. Very worth installing for that alone. However now newer thermostat will work better, heating and cooling  the space more efficiently
    , and evenly.

  4. That Honeywell has a model with a wifi built in for $100.  Honey well even has an app for you to monitor, schedule, and control it when you're away from home.  The only different compared to Nest is that it doesn't have the learn feature which I never used.  For the price of a Nest $250 you can get 2 Honeywell and control it all on your app.  My work use that Nest and most of the time it never set to the temp I want. I have to keep messing with it.  So it is an over priced device that you can get way less with other brands.

  5. I changed all of my  A/C controllers out with Nest thermostats. For the first time in 2 years all of the rooms in the home  are the same temperature and the fans stop when the desired temperature has been reached. It is far more comfortable than before as the A/C runs at low speed when it cuts in so does not blast out so much. It took 2 days to get rid of the condensation on the outer surface of the vents as the system before left the fan running after the compressor stopped so drew in humidity and I can control A/C with my mobile.
    Yousef fitted these A/C controller for my home, his contact  number is

    Mobile Dubai : 0506859285

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