NEST Thermostat Review, Unboxing, and Installation

In this video DIY PETE does a NEST thermostat review and shows the installation process. The Nest Thermostat is a very cool and simple to use thermostat that programs automatically, has a sleek design, and can be controlled remotely using your phone, tablet, or computer.

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At $249 the NEST isn’t exactly a cheap thermostat. However, it will pay for itself with the energy you will save and it will add convenience to the process of heating or cooling your home.
Disclaimer: I’ve put over 20 hours into creating the video review and this post. If you go click through any of the “Affiliate Links” on this page to purchase the NEST I will get a small commission which helps enable me to create high quality reviews and “FREE project plans and videos” full time. Thank you for supporting!

Most old thermostats look similar to this. My Youtube video (near the top of this post) about the NEST will show you how to remove your current thermostat and easily replace it with a NEST thermostat. The whole process can be done in as little as twenty minutes if you are a speed demon. It may take a bit longer if you decide to fill old screw holes. But I’d say an hour at most.

Wiring the Nest Thermostat
You can head over to to check if your furnace is compatible with the Nest thermostat. You can click the boxes of the wires you currently have and their software will tell you exactly how to wire the new nest. Don’t worry… ANY DO IT YOURSELFER can tackle this project!

The NEST is super easy to program and actually has the ability to program itself. It will learn the temperatures you like and will adjust itself accordingly. I love having the ability to control the NEST from anywhere in the world where I have a WI-FI connection. Now when I land at the airport in my home town I jump on my NEST iphone app to adjust the temperature at my home so when I arrive it is the perfect temperature. I am going to be getting a NEST for our family’s cabin as well, so we are able to monitor the levels remotely. Last year we had a couple broken pipes, and if we’d have had a NEST the App would have sent us a “Low Temperature” notification and saved us a lot of time and money.

I’ve been super happy with my NEST thermostat and would highly recommend it to any homeowner. It would also be a great investment for property owners and businesses. Friends who visit always comment on the “Nest Thermostat” and think it is super cool. Which it is! It’s also the most convenient and simple to use thermostat I’ve ever owned.
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  1. So I have a basic thermostat that I can set a day to day schedule. I really would like to see a follow up video in a year from now that actually addresses this claim of "it pays for itself". This sounds like a hope, not fact. Do you have data somewhere that backs that up?

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