loxone and Google home integration (Tasker / autovoice)

“shortcuts” feature added to the Google home app allows cleaner voice commands to miniserver

required: google home, an android device to run tasker, autovoice and the google home app. im using a old nexus 5 that will live in the media cabinet – you could install on personal phone but if its not in the house it wont work


– follow this:

– in autovoice, under devices, add your android device and link google account

– link the autovoice assistant in the google home app (devices, google home, settings, more, assistant apps)

– create the shortcut – in the above example the full voice command is “tell autovoice to toggle the gate” which has been reduced to “open the gate” and “close the gate”

1 thought on “loxone and Google home integration (Tasker / autovoice)

  1. walkercam

    Fellow Kiwi home automation enthusiast here. I'm currently looking into the most streamlined way to incorporate Google Home with custom widgets around my house (ESP8266 devices, etc). A lot of implementations seem to use the IFTTT service but latency and reliability appear to be concerns. Autovoice seems like not a bad alternative although I'm only just getting my head around how it works. Do you have any thoughts on your implementation vs. IFTTT? I noticed some latency in your system but it appears to be mostly Google Home taking time to recognise the command? Any other advice for someone just getting started? Cheers.


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