“Apple View-Gate” a distraction in a powerful season

Yankees fans viewed these days as the MLB Commissioner solemnly took the podium to announce his “findings” and subsequent disciplinary measures for Apple View-Gate. This, in the midst of a baseball season, to desire for. Does any individual care?

The Yankees were taken to process these days by Rob Manfred, the Commissioner of Important League Baseball for some thing they supposedly did in one particular of their (undisclosed) Championship seasons, involving the use of the dugout phones to do some thing or other (also undisclosed) that amounted to “stealing” signs.

Manfred, in his in no way-ending campaign to be politically right in all he does, selected Fenway Park, in which the more fast culprits reside to make his daring announcement.

Which, as it turns out is a significant solution protected up by the fines currently being contributed by both of those groups to the Hurricane Reduction Fund, set up by MLB. Now, how about that for the timely intervention of mother nature enabling MLB to “handle” a challenge they didn’t want to deal with in the very first position.

New York Yankees. Responsible as billed. Boston Purple Sox. Responsible as billed. 20-eight other groups are, I guess, are supposed to be fleeing for significantly corners of the earth now, lest they are caught way too pursuing Manfred’s “lowering of the boom” against all challengers to league principles.

Get in excess of it, Rob. Thieving signs has been a part of baseball since “Wee” Willie Keeler proclaimed it’s generally ideal to “hit ’em in which they ain’t.”

MLB is blind to the significant photograph

But here’s the problem I have. How numerous of us ended up ready on the edge of our seats ready for MLB to make this announcement? And if had appear on November 10,  instead of these days, would we have been ready to leap off the Brooklyn Bridge?

And what is there remaining soon after the “firm hand of justice” has descended on the Purple Sox and the Yankees? Do we have something constructive put forth by the league to stop upcoming humiliation to baseball, or is this just an endeavor by Richard Nixon to “fire” Archibald Cox when he obtained way too close to the fire for Nixon’s comfort and ease.

It could have and ought to have waited. We are in the midst of one particular of the most powerful seasons important league baseball has had to provide in many years.

We have a workforce listed here in the Yankees who ended up supposed to a .500 workforce until eventually following 12 months qualifying for the playoffs with a superior probability of making some noise once they get there. We have Giancarlo Stanton, ultimately healthful for a whole season, hard whatever file you want to phone it (Roger Maris?).

We have the Chicago Cubs the defending Earth Champions going into their previous couple video games trying to hold on to a minuscule direct against the Brewers and Cardinals no one particular considered possible in April. And we have the Cleveland Indians reaching a thoughts-boggling 22-video games (and counting) win streak.

And then we have the Minnesota Twins? Actually, the Twins??,  challenging the Yankees for the leading Wild Card place in the American League, while everybody tries to make clear the unexpected and inexplicable decline of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

This is the season baseball fans live for. And specially for Yankees fans, up or down, the 2017 season will be marked in their extensive and heralded background as one particular of the most powerful seasons ever, regardless of the end result.

Rob Manfred did what he did these days and, I suppose it’s time to shift on. Yankees fans will do so with a relish that has not been noticed in this town for a superior extensive while, and for that, there is no many thanks to you, Rob.

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