Computer Engineering – Study of The Principles of Computing

Computer Engineering is a part of IT includes the design of software (Compilers, Operating systems), design of hardware (RAM, CPU etc.). In other words, this is the study of computers that gives information about hardware and operating systems for e.g. registers, multitasking kernels, data buses, address buses etc. This branch of engineering is the study of the principles of computing that helps an individual to understand how computers solve the problems. As a computer professional, an individual can find job in many environments in academia, research, industry, government, private and business organizations. The role of computer engineer is to analyze problems for solutions, formulating and testing, working in teams for product development, multimedia equipment and much more. After doing a course in Computer Science, one can research in various areas like artificial Intelligence, Computer design and Engineering, Computer Architecture, Information technology, Software Engineering, Computer theory, Operating systems and networks and software applications.

School of Computer Engineering and Information Technology (SCEIT), an integral part of Shobhit University, also offers various courses graduate and post graduate programs on Computer Science. These courses are Ph.D., M.Tech (Computer Engineering), B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering), and B.Tech (Information Technology). This engineering college was developed in the year 2000 to provide high education to the students.  The sole object of the School of Computer Engineering and Information Technology is to deliver quality education and it also encourages the utility based research in the areas of Computer Engineering & Information Technology.  In this institute, students get good education under the proper guidance of young, energetic, well experienced and dedicated teaching staffs. These faculty members have the specialization in many areas such as Computer Networks, Mobile computing, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Data Structure and Algorithms and so forth.

By concluding, we can say that Computer Engineering concerns with the study of computers that provides knowledge about hardware and operating systems. And after doing the course from SIET Meerut, one can make bright future in this emerging field.  This is a fully government recognized University with the right to confer degrees. In other words, Computer engineering is the study of the design of digital hardware and software systems along with communications systems, computers and devices that contain computers.

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