Cloud Computing – How Does it Work?

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Deep in the valleys of a mysterious mountain is a cave where a magician would gather different cables and hardware, mix them all up in an upturned parabolic dish, and boom, out came a secret concoction of software applications ready to be deployed all over the world . Okay, so that is not actually how cloud computing works.

There is actually nothing mysterious about how cloud computing works. In fact, some cloud applications have already been in existence for a long time that you may have even used, or are using, some of it. Before you raise your eyebrow and let out that resounding "no," try to think when was the last time you used Internet. If you have used, or are using, a free web based email, then you have experienced the power of cloud computing. This type of free service, which have been around for quite sometime is part of the applications that make up cloud computing.

So if you know how your web based email works, then you would have a pretty strong idea of ​​how the overall technology of cloud computing works. In case you forgot, well, here's how it actually works.

First, you log in to your cloud computing account furnished by your chosen service provider. The system verifies your identity through a series of verification and authentication procedures.

You are then presented with several options on what service you would like to have and their attendant business application software. After ticking the service and applications you wanted, the middleware on the main server again processes your request and forwards it to another set of verification and authentication procedures.

Once identity is established, the main server requests the services and applications you needed from a series of application servers running different business application software, and then returns it to the main server for delivery to your computer as web applications.

When you use these web applications, you have to save the data entered, right? Once again, this request is made to the main server for the data to be saved in the cloud's database storage system. You may also opt to save a copy of the data in your own computer for easy retrieval when you are offline.

So there you go, a brief illustration of how cloud computing works. Of course there are still many technical processes that your request will have to go through, particularly on verification and authentication procedures, which is part of the stringent security layers these clouds have. Suffice to say that the actual process of how cloud computing works is not that complicated at all as others may think.

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