New PlayStation 4 CUH-1200 ‘C-Chassis’ Hardware Review


We’ve got stories to tell that require us actually appearing on camera – and reviewing the new, quieter CUH-1200 PlayStation 4 model is one of them. Expect more of the same soon in addition to our usual benchmarks, comparisons and frame-rate tests!

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  1. Is it weird that I always knew what what you look like without ever seeing him before? Does video confirmed everything I thought.. even down to his speech patterns.

  2. The new one should run cooler though since it uses less energy and is no longer as loud since it doesnt have to rev up the fan as much.

  3. I'm actually glad they removed the glossy side of the PS4. It was pretty pointless. The console looks sleek and beautiful. Now it also runs quieter. I've been planning to buy a new one, so this is nice.

  4. I´m playing AC unity and curiously when I go to the map and Character customization the ps4 fans goes madly noisy. Looks like is going to explode. I haven´t heard that much noise in any other ps4 title.

  5. Im gna buy the new one because of the hardware but I have to say the gloss touch made the other one seem better appearance wise. No idea why they removed it for the new one?..

  6. I sold my old ps4, just payed extra $50 and i got the 1215 cuh with battlefront included, the difference is huge in terms of noise level.

  7. Just brought 2 of the new models cuh-1216a and as our first ever PlayStation I'm well impressed, have given up on the shitty Xbox setup it's just pants and sucks. Loving the ps4 and image quality is just amazing, can't compare to other but it is very quite and have not noticed any hot running issue, just really love the feel and quality of this console.Will not go back to Xbox ever.

  8. 2:47 the right guy face is like, I'd better don't have a smile while doing the video or the old man will strike me in the face =0

  9. +DigitalFoundry Mind doing a video with the PS4 Nyko Intercooler to see if there really is a cooling performance worth investing in the device, thanks. :)

  10. how do u replace the ps4 hard drive on the new one i can't find anything about it and it's different than the old one please reply asap

  11. what should I get?

    PS4 (Old) 1tb with uncharted collection and uncharted 4 for 400€


    PS4 (New) 500gb with uncharted collection for 400€

  12. I have the "old" PS4. When I was playing Battlefront or The Division the fan kicked up to over 70db! I took it down to my local gas station and used one of the hoses that blows air (the type you use to fill cartires with air). And I cleaned all the vents. Specially the ones on the side as they are the intake. Now my PS4 reached 41db while playing The Division for 3 hours straight! :D

  13. I only noticed the sound my PS4 makes when I moved it over to my computer area to hook it up to my 4K TV I use as a monitor and my PC still drowns it out noise wise.

  14. my launch ps4 is kinda loud.. never even noticed it thb… my fat ps3 is like a mini jet engine.. and my friends white 360 is a fucking lawn mower and literally is the loudest console ever, especially when the dvd drive is spinning..

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