New Google Home first use in the UK


Google Home was released in the US on Nov 4th but is not yet available in the UK.

This video shows first experiences and how to setup in the UK info

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  1. good video. had to stop your video mid way through though to watch the sneezing baby panda on youtube!! 🙂   does the google home app allow you to put in a UK address??

  2. Have you found any services that Don't work ? a lot of articles are suggesting that it won't work in the UK, which you've proven it clearly does 🙂 – is your Google account registered in the UK ?

  3. Good video. my sister is in New York this week, I was gonna get her to bring me one back. but I wasn't sure if it would work in the UK. Your video clearly shows it does. Was it easy to set up for the UK?

  4. DId you have to do anything special for using it with UK power? I just ordered one off ebay and then decided to think about power issues… good video… Many Thanks

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