Neuralink Brain Implants, Razer Blade Pro THX, More Partners for Google Home


Elon Musk backs Neuralink startup. Blade Pro laptop gets THX certified. Google announces more partnerships for the Home speaker. All this plus gull wing computer case and more on this episode of Netlinked Daily.

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Host: Jack Sui
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  1. with the help of nueralink we can possibly send images to our eyes or maybe we can copy or store data in the brain.

  2. Elon Musk is the kinda nigga to hold conferences about the dangers of AI only to create a company that implants AI directly into your brain…

  3. So, we are finally moving into Ghost in the Shell territory. Well, i guess it just means that real tech gurus will really start to outshine their peers once this becomes a reality. Thinking about it on a Healthcare level it would be amazing to be able to track or find viruses as they spread from person to person in near real time. The amount of information we could gather on the development of viruses would be astronomical within days. Sure, it would cost your privacy but what is more important: Your privacy or cures for conditions that have long plagued humanity like Cancer? You would also be able to relax knowing that your son or daughter isn't sick and it could even be used to match people like an advanced form of Eharmony. The possibilities only grow from there. To me, my privacy means little in the face of all that. The only real issue would be where they put it and how probable it would be for them to be able to control your thoughts or motor functions. Privacy be damned but i need those last two things >.>

  4. Dear Elon Musk: No. Stop it. There are some things science DOESN'T need to achieve… turning us MORE into machines is certainly a step in the wrong fucking direction.

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