Nest Thermostat review: Find out why it’s the NUMBER ONE seller on Amazon!


I love mine. Find out the easy ways it gives you a return on your investment in purchasing one.

Especially if you have teenagers who like to turn the thermostat up or down and burn your money.

Put a stop to that EASILY.

Ever forget to turn the thermostat down when you leave? This takes care of that.

Do you live in Oklahoma where you have shorts on part of the day and a leather jacket on the other part?

This will take care of that too. Don’t come home to a hot/cold house, or worse yet, burst pipes from the unpredicted hard freeze during your vacation.

Please use these links to buy one on Amazon:

Second Generation:

First Generation:

The first generation is slightly cheaper, but for the money the second generation has more system compatibility.

I would spend the $50.

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