NEST Thermostat and NEST Protect


We give you a quick look at the NEST thermostat and Protect Carbon Monoxide detector that we installed. So far it has worked as advertised. For more visit

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  1. Ive wanted both those products since i bought my house last year . kinda pricey, my money has gone towards tools mostly. Great video guys

  2. Nice demo guys.
    Have been interested in Nest for a while now, but we usually leave our thermostat at the same setting all the time as we have people coming and going all the time due to varying schedules, so it would be a waste for us.

  3. Thats a nice stat, and great review but I'm a Honeywell guy. The Nest protect is cool and its true about the low battery beep going off in the middle of the night. Eric did an okay job with the Dan your drywall patch is okay to ;)

  4. wow never thought it would be that amazing – now im disappointed in myself that i didnt grab one when it was on sale last year. 

  5. Honest truth.  I love your channel and would have your guys babies if I could however…this item is like a iPhone, it will be outdated in a year.  There will be faster and better.  This item can potentially scare some home buyers away with technology like this, some people value basic.  

  6. Want to pick one of these up. Good video review. The timer with the NEST Protect is awesome. I recently installed a new wired smoke/carbon monoxide detector that did not have this timer. The nice part is the instructions have a warning at the END that says to install unit at arms distance because of the 90 decibel alarm that sounds once installed. I was on a ladder trying to make sure the tabs line up and it snapped in place correctly.

  7. Great review guys that is an awesome system to have for the house very!!! Very well worth the money. Thanks Dan and Eric!!! T.I.A!!!!

  8. This is awesome. Wow. I'm impressed. I really like the smoke detectors and co2 detectors. To be able to access it from your phone is amazing. Do they sell something that you can put on a door to alert you when its been opened? Also how much does the nest system cost?

  9. not a big fan of nest, it is a little limited. I use a ecobee and I love it. ui is much better imo. great video for people who are looking for one. good job

  10. Nice review! I picked one of these up during the Home Depot black Friday sale for under $200 and I really like the features, especially the usage plots as I can see if my wood stove helps the heating costs and how much. I like the whole integration with the smoke detectors but I think $100 is a little high seeing more home now a days have several of them according to code, but think this will remove the need to have a house wired for smoke detectors and that it will tell you exactly which detector is having the issue is great no more guessing.

    Nice review and Dan, the wall looks great in the video can't even tell there was a hole there.

  11. Great review guys.  I love my NEST, I have had it for a couple of years and it has worked great.  I really like the Airwave feature that runs the fan a couple of minutes after the compressor goes off to push the cold air out of the ducts. And also nice to grab the phone on a cold morning and turn up the heat before I have to get out of bed.

  12. Would like to get one but I have what is called a live thermostat 120v. If I get a new furnaces I will be putting one in. Great review

  13. Great stuff, been wanting to upgrade to a system like this for a while now, really want the alarm systems and cameras you can control via your smartphone…great video guys!

  14. I really like their products. The smoke/co2 alarm had some bugs for a while.

    Carrier is coming out with a lot more advanced t-stat as well as google. They'll offer diagnostics and send them to HVAC techs to help speed up repairs. 

  15. I love mine. Have had it for about a year and a half now and would recommend this item to all. Fun Fact: The nest was created by a former Apple engineer that is known as one of the ipod fathers. I believe he also had a big hand in creating the first iPhone.

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