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Our mission is to help you unwind after a stressful day and celebrate life through laughter and light-hearted fun. This is a gaming channel focused on playing for fun and having a good time, and sometimes helping others with How-To guides.

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ABOUT #PokemonSunMoon
As with previous installments, each game follows the journey of a young Pokémon trainer as they train Pokémon. This time, the game takes place in the Alola region—based on Hawaii—with the object of the game being to thwart the schemes of the nefarious criminal organization Team Skull, all while attempting to challenge various Pokémon trainers of gradually increasing difficulty.

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  1. i need your friend code. i had to wait into after school to add you nurse! i want to battle you if we can before or after a live stream. if you don't have my friend code anymore it's 3153-8355-7415

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