Movement of "Yellow Vests": a rally in Paris scheduled Saturday, November 24

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MOBILIZATION – After this first weekend of events, yellow vests are already planning to gather again next Saturday in Paris. A call from the trucker who organized the first event on November 17th.

And it starts again. At the end of this first weekend of mobilization of yellow vests, some already want to start again in a week. On Facebook, this Sunday evening, a call to demonstrate Saturday, November 24 in Paris, on the Place de la Concorde already has tens of thousands of Internet users.

Entitled "Act 2 All France In Paris !!!!", this Facebook event already shows, this Sunday evening, more than 15 000 "participants" and more than 112 000 "interested". "We must put a coup de grace and all get on Paris by all means possible (carpool, train, bus, etc …). Paris because this is where the government is! We are waiting for everything the world, truck, bus, taxi, VTC, farmers, etc … Everyone !!!!!! ", proclaims the organizer of the event.

This organizer is now well known yellow vests: it is Eric Drouet, a trucker from Seine-et-Marne who was at the origin of the first Facebook event that federated many yellow vests, even before they designate themselves as yellow vests. With others, Eric Drouet had called on October 10 to block the Paris ring road at the Porte de Bercy, before turning the event into "National Blockage Against Fuel Rise" and then "National Movement Against Rising Taxes ".

"We are attached to no political movement," said Eric Drouet before November 17. "I see that there are many who try to claim the movement as the FN or others.We are not part of any political group, it is only the citizens of France who are moving ", he explained as well.