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This video shows the performance of the NVIDIA GeForce 920m laptop graphics card in Mount and Blade Warband.
Since it can handle VERY HIGH settings at 60+ fps I decided that it wouldn’t make sense to test the lower settings too.
Recording in 60fps while also playing affected the results, the fps count going down sometimes.
While NOT recording on the other hand, the fps is almost ALWAYS capped at 60 at MAX SETTINGS, if you have V.sync active.

0:01-0:10 Video Settings
0:12-1:10 Walking around the streets
1:30-3:30 Fighting in the arena
4:05-6:40 Fighting with the bandits (best graphics)
8:30-9:40 Saving the village from bandits
11:05-12:45 (CINEMATICS)

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GeForce 920m Gaming
Mount and Blade Warband on GeForce 920m
NVIDIA GeForce 920m Mount & Blade

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