Motorola’s MotoMods Projector in action with the Moto Z

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45 thoughts on “Motorola’s MotoMods Projector in action with the Moto Z

  1. atlsutiger

    qualperDOTcom check it out. They are using the Sony PicoP projector engine. 10mm thick smartphone with Infinite focus PicoP laser projection embedded into the phone.

  2. Carlos colon

    Funny thing is Apple will do the same thing with the iPhone 7 , both the moto z and iPhone 7 will be out in September

  3. Sudipta Das Biswas

    Why is everyone giving credits to lenovo for this concept… this was a complete brainchild of motorola themselves…lenevo is just associating themselves because moto is now a subsidiary of it…. nothing more than that… and the person who gave the keynote on Lenevo Tech World was one of the worst I have ever seen.. that guy is really the worst orator I have ever heard…. he was as bad as good the announced innovative technologies were….He singlehandedly took away half the interest…

  4. Tiago Santana

    Esse leitor de digital é muito sem noção! Essa coisa protuberante estraga o design do aparelho!

  5. fightnight14

    Most of us love using our smartphones in bed, right?
    1. Lay down on your back.
    2. Project your smartphone on your ceiling.
    3. Watch your movies till you fall asleep!

    This is a dream!

  6. deucedaprodeuca

    Now we know why LG rushed out that POS G5. Because they knew Motorola was coming out with REAL mods. BTW, I'm not having on LG. I'm writing this comment with a V10. I don't stick with brands. I've had several Motorola phones, LG phones, a couple Samsung phones, but I will never but another Apple product again. Not until they come out with an open OS. But I'm getting this Moto Z.

  7. Virto jesonk

    since years bluetooth speaker ,battery pack ,miniprojector for smartphone and photocamera tools exist I dont see any innovation

  8. FeanorBR

    You never told us if there are ports for external devices like AV or HDMI or if you can turn off the phone screen as you project to save battery.

  9. SuperPrinceofindia

    I experienced this all mods and I love every single mod and this is a game changer..
    Apple, Samsung gonna drop in market surely

  10. Carlos A

    $295 for the projector mod – ouch, and it's only 50 lumens. For that much $$ you can buy a much better pocket protector with much more lumens and hooks up to your phone. after review, all mods for this phone are over priced

  11. Omega Relay

    This has been around in Japan for YEARS! Along with cell phones w/ laser keyboards that shoot out of phones…America…smh lol


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