Motorola Moto G Review!

Moto G is easily one of the biggest steals in tech right now!

Moto G (US):
Moto G (Global):

Interview with Motorola CEO:

Top 5 Android 4.4 KitKat Features:

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26 thoughts on “Motorola Moto G Review!

  1. i actually had the moto g for about 2 years and i loved it and i bought it for $100 on boost mobile. the only thing i didnt like was the lack of sd slot and the camara

  2. I have been using the Moto G for now two years. I have upgraded to Android 5 Lollipop. It's still working nicely, but I could notice that with time there are lags, glitches that appear. Otherwise…. everything has been said in the video. I just hate the notification I get when there's not enough storage for a new app…

  3. This is a very good phone for the price but there are alot better phones out there then and now in 2016 for not too much more. I have owned one for several years. It gets a 3 out of 5 stars. It has some glaring weaknesses, One being the camera quality is below par and the other being the lack of sufficient storage and an expandable micro SD card slot.

  4. Motorola did not need Lenovo's help in the smartphone market. Lenovo is full of shit for thinking they can build Motorola into a better brand when Motorola was already in the top 2 brands of smartphones before the idiots in the board room at Lenovo started jabbering about shit they thought they knew about. I swear some of these corporations have literally no clue what us as consumers think and feel about brands.

    Motorola has been arguable the best manufacturer of smartphones of the last decade. Meanwhile Lenovo is already actively destroying the reputation of the once great and mighty IBM computers. They are a disgrace and I will never recommend there products again. There new lineup of laptops are not nearly as strong and people are hating the changes there making. The Lenovo Yoga's are highly overrated based on my research. My Gawwd at the audacity of the corporate idiots.

  5. Got one in todays mail – XT1028 – Ebay $14.99 delivered – apparently brand new & missing its back cover – Verizon locked, never actuated.  A return item supposedly – fiddled with it for 5 minutes to get past Verizon activation thing, it downloaded for hours… bunches of updates, and it works perfect.   Ordered a back cover for $6 delivered.   Its a wifi device, or tiny tablet for me unless I want to pay Verizon or TracFone for that use.

  6. I bought this phone 2 years ago through republic wireless and it's never failed me. But I just pre-ordered a Google pixel, so I'm looking to sell my Moto G. Anyone want to buy?

  7. Using the Moto G 1st gen and it's terrible now. Nonstop lag, terrible battery life, crashes constantly, and cant run apps such as Pokemon Go or even Snapchat. Bought the OnePlus3 and it's going to be here in a couple days.

  8. The whole video is him talking about how bad is this phone compared to the moto x.. Bad review.. Not helpful. I have been using moto g for 2 years now and it still is REALLY good phone.

  9. I purchased mine a few years ago and am happy with it except I can not use it out of the country? Can any of you young people help an old lady out and suggest what to do since I love to travel?

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