Motorola Mobile Phones – A Cute and Stylish Mobile Phones


Motorola has a strong lead in the analog mobile phone market. It has always been one of the trusted brands in the market with very few break downs reported. The company introduces a new innovation called the PEBL series.

The Motorola mobile phone PEBL series

A unique and intriguing innovation this stylish clamshell GSM phone is quite an eye catcher. In other words you can say that it elevates mobile design to a new level. It has a smooth oval form. The rounded design gives it an understated elegance. Its dimensions of 86.5x49x20mm and the weight of the phone is 110g. The metal finish adds a smooth sophistication to this stylish pebble shaped phone.


One main feature of this Motorola mobile phone is its unique sliding hinge latch. This new dual hinge latch helps to open and close the device in a quick and delicate motion. Its 262 K TFT color display is exquisite. Its high tech qualities like the Bluetooth, quad-band GSM, a VGA camera with video capture, speaker-independent voice dialing, and Java 2 technology all add to the sophisticated look and feel.


There is a unique vertical external display that shows the time, battery life, signal strength, and caller ID. The monochrome and rectangular display adds to the over all look of the phone.


It has a 1.8-inch-diagonal, 176×220-pixel display which is supported by 262,000 colors. There is also an option of changing the backlighting time and the brightness of the display. The keypads and the navigational controls are much like the ones on the Razr and Slvr. The fully tactile buttons seem like flat touch pad though the shiny plastic surface can get smudgy at times. There is a voice-dialing key on the right spine and a volume rocker and a “smart key” on the left. The VGA digital camera with a picture caller ID is an attractive feature of the phone. But the resolution is quite low so this feature doesn’t carry well with the phone. Photo-editing features, you have a choice of six lighting settings, an adjustable brightness control, a 4X zoom, a 5- or 10-second autotimer, and a selection of five shutter sounds, as well as a silent option. There is also the MPEG-4 video recorder.

This Motorola mobile phone has a world phone that works on quad-band. The sound quality is very good as is the speaker phone which is quite loud. It has a time of 6.75 hours and a promised standby time of 12 days.

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