Motorola M800 Review – a Review of the Motorola M800 Mobile Phone

The Motorola M800 mobile phone is a sophisticated multimedia communication device that offers plenty of fun personalization features along with outstanding productivity assets. Personalization features include multiple language options, multiple ring tones and radio mute.

The two-way navigation and generously spaced tactile keypad make entering data and operating the M800 quick and easy. The 8mm character height promises excellent quality on the high resolution display. Adjustable blue backlight and contrast display setting allow for extra visual clarity.

Data connectivity is reliable with the unit’s Packet data Max BR support 13.6 kbps. Messaging features include short messaging services (SMS) and users can send and receive emails, faxes and files using Motorola Mobile Phone Tools. Name and number speech recognition allows for quick and convenient connection.

The Motorola M800 cellular phone handset offers a phone book that allows up to 500 entries and up to 20 voice tags. Users can conduct conference calls with up to five participants. Security and cost control features including fixed dial and call barring. There is caller line identification (CLI) built into the system as well.

Those who travel a lot will appreciate the M800’s built in assisted global positioning services (A-GPS) that includes emergency location services. The ignition sense and auxiliary alert are additional attractive features offered by the Motorola M800 mobile phone.

The M800 is CDG1 and 2, FCC part 15 Class B, EME and I.C 1090 regulatory approved. This cell phone offers full duplex with excellent audio quality and boasts CDMA 1 x 800/1900 MHz / AMPS 800 MHz bands. The unit has a mini-UHF connector antenna and weighs 250 grams.

Owners of the Motorola M800 have a number of great accessories to add to their mobile phone including fashionable cases and convenient holsters for quick access. The screen wipe is an interesting accessory that hooks right to the cell phone and is used to keep the unit dust-free.

The Motorola M800 cell phone is ideal for the professional on the move. Quick connection, clarity and outstanding quality are standard in this excellent multimedia communication device.

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