Motorola L2 – Silver Lining in Mobile Technology

A mobile phone that inspires hope through its aspect, Motorola L2 emits a silvery shine. It bears the shimmer of a diamond and is available in the Diamond Dust colour. The handset is a candy bar. It carries the signature logo of the brand on top. The display is situated beneath it and is framed by a strip of black colour. The keypad is typical of the Motorola handsets. It is sleek and is characterized by softness.

The handset is extremely slender and weighs just 86 grams. It has a CSTN screen that exudes a resolution of 128×160 pixels. Motorola L2 is a tri-band phone that provides seamless connectivity. It supports a nonpareil push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) technology. This technology is inspired from walkie-talkies. In this, contact can be established between the handset and any other phone in an area where the network frequency is limited, single to be precise. As the caller presses a key, a one-way communication system is initiated. You can talk till the time the you keep the button pressed. The person at the other end can talk only when you leave the button. This kind of calling is suitable for establishing contact in a local area.

The Motorola L2 phone comes with Bluetooth wireless technology and enables handsfree communication. The USB wire can be used to import and/or export applications. On using this cable to connect the handset to a laptop, you can even charge your phone without requiring a battery charger. This feature makes the phone an ideal travel companion.

Messages of different kinds can be exchanged using the handset. The variety consists of text, multimedia, instant, and enhanced messages. The Motorola L2 [] phone can also be used to send emails. It supports WAP 2.0 and xHTML browsers. Compounding looks with features, the phone has a promising prospect.

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