Motorola F3 – You Can not Get Any Simpler Than This

It is quite logical that when things get too complicated, you tend to inch out of the clutter and resort to simpler means of carrying out your functions. Even though you may miss out on treading onto some new areas, the absence itself is pretty rewarding for the mind. The mobile phone industry depicts something of a similar scenario with an unstoppable spawning of newer phones ceremonially making their way to the market, and finally into our lives. What fuels up this appearance augmentation to a large degree is the rising tempo of technology, which imputes a lot of possibilities in these mobile phones. Naturally, this chaotic assemblage of some futuristic, yet confusing features makes things complicated enough for many to take a detour towards simple phones with the essential features. The Motofone F3 by pioneer mobile manufacturer Motorola packs up the most simple and essential features in a stylish frame to provide just about that much needed breath of fresh air.

The Motorola F3 a candy bar shaped ultra slim mobile phone that provides high contrast clear vision display to users through its color screen. Available in a rubber case also, the phone showcases extra large character font size to make readability easier for the users. The phone even provides voice prompts in local languages ​​unlike many other phones in its category. Weighing at just 68 grams, the Motorola F3 flaunts integrated polyphonic ring tones in 8 channels. This Dual Band phone enumerates a dedicated phone book key for better usability, squashing the irksome procedure of navigating through several steps to reach your directory. A single jack has been provided for power and headset on the phone. Other features of the phone include an alarm clock, speaker phone, headset, and an internal antenna.

The Motorola F3 is an ideal definition of a user friendly mobile phone mounted with good looks to catch the attention of the consumers with ease.

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