Motorola C139 – The Little Tracfone That Could!

The Tracfone Motorola C139 is the most popular Tracfone. It is very inexpensive, often it is the Free Tracfone that comes with the purchase of minutes on the website.

Tracfone is the largest prepaid cell phone (often called pay as you go) vendor in the United States. They sell phones through most major retail chains such as Safeway, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and many others and through their website.

There are two parts to using your Tracfone, first you must have minutes and second you must have activity time. You will refill your Tracfone buy buying a minute card. This card will give you at least 90 days to use your minutes and then it will also give you minutes to use. If you buy the larger refill cards your cost per minute will be cheaper. Tracfone also offers a doubler card that doubles the minutes on the card for every purchase. Your activity time and minutes will roll over when you add another card. The Tracfone display always shows how many minutes your phone has left and the activity time left. This feature is unique to Tracfone and Net10 in pay as you go cell phone usage.

The Moto C139 is a GSM phone. Tracfone is a MVNO which means they do not own a cell phone network, they buy minutes from AT & T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Alltel and many others and resell them to you. It is all automated so you will not even know what network you are using. This phone will work on the AT & T or the T-Mobile network and roam to many other GSM networks in the US.

The Motorola C139 is a basic Bar style also known as a Candy Bar style phone. It is small and cute and will easily fit into your pocket or purse. With the C139 you can make calls, text, save phone numbers, check your voicemail, use as a flashlight, use the stopwatch, Calculator, use as a notepad and many other handy functions.

Locking the Keypad of your Moto C139 is easy and handy. Unlike a folding phone if you put the C139 into your pocket you are likely to accidentally punch the buttons. Sometimes this can end up in a phone call going through. By pushing two buttons you can "Lock the Keypad" of your phone. First select the Menu key (the center button inside the round 4 way button) then without waiting select the Star key (bottom left key). You can still answer your phone when your keypad is locked, you will not be able to dial out until you unlock. To Unlock you just do the same thing, select the menu key then the star key. If you try to use the keypad while locked the phone will remind you it is locked and tell you how to unlock it.

Wal-mart is the largest seller of Track phones. You can usually get better deals from the TracFone website. Often you will be able to get the C139 for free with the purchase of a $ 20 card.

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