Moto Z & Moto Mods Review!

After years of waiting for my Moto Mods to arrive they finally… uh… did. Here’s what I think of them along with the Moto Z Droid!
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Moto Z Camera Comparison:

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35 thoughts on “Moto Z & Moto Mods Review!

  1. I love this review because I was given better priced alternatives to Moto mods that will work well for me. I truly appreciate it 🙂 Thank you

  2. Great job on your review. I traded my old HTC One M8 and Verizon gave me $200. so that paid for first Month $30 payment of Moto Z Force, Incipio 2 piece case, Tumi Battery mod (non wireless charge) & Black JBL Speaker Mod. 😀 you mention the battery mod is super heavy. I have to disagree. 🙂 Its not much heavier than the Moto X Pure I own as well. if you have ever used a Mophie battery case … this battery mod is much lighter and it last well through the day and past the time i lay down for the night (8am-11:30pm) the JBL Mod is very thick. I do love the DBrand idea you suggested. the phone does feels best with the thin included back.

  3. Any chance you could make a review of Moto Z Force?
    I would love to see dng raw files from the camera.. I can't find any raw samples anywhere..
    I would like to buy Z force for the camera only, I'm ditching my DSLR.
    Oh, and would be nice to see comparison with other phone cameras with at least 16 MP, like for example: LGV20, Zenfone 3 deluxe, Xperia Z5, Oppo find7, One Plus 3, Nexus 6, ZTE nubia Z11… etc..
    Love your reviews, keep them up!

  4. I went into verizon today wanting to buy the note 5 and the rep recommended this Moto Z phone. I thought the projector thing was cool but i don't really need it and I found it expensive. I also thought the back design was pretty cool but the front design is not as nice. This video has help me make a decision. I am going to stick with my first pick which was the Note 5.

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