Moto X Pure Edition Tips and Tricks!

Hopefully you read our Moto X Pure Edition review, but now it’s time for tips and tricks to help you get the most out of it!

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  1. Anyone found a workaround for the hotspot other than rooting the phone? on my unlocked Nexus I could use the hotspot feature without paying extra through my carrier now on this phone it runs a check if you have a subscription for hotspot service

  2. that's was awesome, I've watch this video twice, but just realized that this video had no cuts. He must have spent a long time on this.

  3. In the settings including developer settings and UI activated settings which ones have to do with streaming media playback from websites?

  4. How the fuck do you transfer files from Moto X Pure to desktop and vice versa? It only comes with C-Type USB <-> power adapter.

  5. Can you install 3rd party apps from the Google Play Store directly onto the external micro SD card? Or is it restricted and you can only store media (songs, music, etc)? Thanks.

  6. Anyone have issue with call volume? I need to have mine clear up to have adequate sound and or position the phone on my ear just right. Half volume isn't adequate volume at all. Very nice phone, but I'm a little frustrated with this volume. Even music at half volume to me should be louder than it is.

  7. I bought this phone a few days ago for around $300 and i love it. I really dig the Moto actions- wrist twist for camera is handy, the flashlight chop took me a while to master but is great. I thought i would miss the knock to wake from my previous phone the LG G2 but being able to wave my hand over the phone to wake it is just as good- though i miss being able to turn the display off with a double knock but not too big a deal. I appreciate the Attentive Display which is not a feature bespoke to this phone but with its 3 sensors works very well here. The big thing this phone is missing-if i can say anything, for the year 2016, would be a fingerprint reader which for me makes no difference but for some, might.
    My main criteria with a happy phone upgrade is that it does everything my old phone did but as good or better- never worse, and i can say this phone has fit the bill for me. I bought it new with Android Marshmallow already on it which was an awesome surprise. I haven't had any issues getting through the day with it nor does it get warm from menial tasks such as web browsing – which drove me nuts on the G2. The MicroSD card slot is fantastic! I was able to get the 16 GB version of the phone- which these days would be a usability nightmare (with android itself @ 6 GB these days) and have been able to put all my media and the apps i want on the SD card, keeping the phone light and fast whilst storing everything i need/want and saving me $$ on admittedly pricey upgraded versions of the phone with higher capacity storage.

  8. sir can you please help me out to root my moto x style running marshmallow & fully unlocked ..i have tried every single version of su ….when i tried to install it in my phone gets brick(it stuck on big M logo while booting) each n every time i do this process .sir do you have a solution of this problem please help me out

  9. hi, how do you capture screen shot. I used to be able to swipe hand over Samsung this suggests pressing buttons simultaneously and it

  10. doesn't always work. also this phone is very sensitive. zoom and just a lightest touch or barely a touch will post as it just did. thanks best vid

  11. Sir can you please help me out to ROOT my MOTO X STYLE (XT1572) ( INDIAN VARIANT with dual sim support ) running MARSHMALLOW which is fully BOOTLOADER UNLOCKED ..i have tried every single version of SU ….when i tried to install it in my phone gets Brick(it stuck on big M logo while booting) each n every time i do this process .sir do you have a strong solution to this problem please help me out…

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