Moto G4/G4 PLUS Pros and Cons

There is also the Moto G4 Play which has lesser specs but a 5 inch display for the more conservative users!



Link to screenshots

Best Unboxing IMO

Live Look at Pro Mode

9 thoughts on “Moto G4/G4 PLUS Pros and Cons

  1. Good looks. I wish they either placed the finger print scanner on the back or even on the side of the phone, where you would press the button to power it on. Loosing the dual speakers grill, removes a bit of the beauty of the phone. It doesn't look symmetric anymore. I sure hope the Moto X Pure Edition 2016 keeps the dual front facing speakers.

  2. The phone definitely looks very polished compared to those leaks. The only bummer is the back design but I'm pretty sure when you add moto maker it's a much difference. I'm very excited to see the upcoming Moto Z lineup considering the g4 is super packed!

  3. idk mixed feelings for me bro, I loved the moto x design smh it doesn't feel like it's Motorola for me..

  4. +Josue Joseph how do you got that 'swipe up to launch an app' feature on Nova Launcher. i tried to figure it out on Nova but could kindly rply

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