Moto G4 Review (2016)

Moto G4 Review (2016)

Mobile Geeks reviews the Moto G4 and takes a detailed look at battery, motorola features, camera, etc. Similar to the previous review, we cover the key differences between both phones. We do our best to provide detailed standalone review of both these 2016 Android smartphones. We make sure to give a full run down on all specs and outline of the pros and cons. Mobilegeeks also goes over certain Moto G Family features and specs, including Moto Gestures & Snapdragon processors.

11 thoughts on “Moto G4 Review (2016)

  1. Timothy Findley novel? I studied him in school (Canadian too) I think the G4 plus is the model to go for out of all of them

  2. Scored mine for $125 from Amazon and it really looks like I won't regret the purchase. I still use my 1st gen Moto G faithfully but it's showing its age and the Moto G4 has given me plenty of reasons to justify upgrading.

  3. Love your reviews Nicole! Trying to decide between the Moto gen 4 plus and Oppo Fs but struggling to decide. Any advice? You can't get the cheaper Moto gen 4 model here in Aus for some reason.. only the plus. Thanks in advance :)

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