Moto G4 Plus vs Moto X Play – Speed & Camera Comparison!

Apps, Multitasking, and Camera test between New G4 Plus & 2015 Moto X Play!
Did you know Moto X Play is cheap as chips nowadays on Amazon! US – Int:

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29 thoughts on “Moto G4 Plus vs Moto X Play – Speed & Camera Comparison!

  1. Which has more over heating problems ? g4 or x play ? please reply ..

  2. Thanks for the comparison! I was in between the two and it seems the G4 is the better choice. Hopefully Lenovo supports it throughout Nougat.

  3. I love both of the handsets…so I was confused which I should choose..but then I purchased the Moto g4 plus..and I m very much satisfied with my phone.. really I LOVE MY MOBILE..

  4. At the same brightness level, x play is more brighter and it produces sharp whitebut G4 plus has slight yellowish white, is it true?can u please confirm, m wondering whether my G4 plus is faulty

  5. Hi. Would be nice to see how various cameras perform indoors on moving objects. please take that one in consideration! Pets, children, party shots. Tnx in advance. :)

  6. So if I can get a Moto X pure edition/style for same price or less than the Moto g4 plus which one should I go with? The style has better specs but no fingerprint scanner and I'm not sure about the camera

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