Is the Moto X Pure Edition Still a Good Buy?

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46 thoughts on “Is the Moto X Pure Edition Still a Good Buy?

  1. Thanks for the video! I just got this phone for AUD$299, I can say best phone ever for this price! I got it in May this month. I would pay AUD$800 since now I am using it.

  2. Which carrier are you running the phone on btw? I heard there is an issue on Verizon with advanced calling(being able to talk while surfing on data) working properly with Marshmallow.

  3. I already bought a Motorola x pure but can you give an advice how to charge the moto for the first time? i have that question because moto x has the turbo charger so i think the phone will get faster charging than others phones

  4. You actually did slightly touch the screen, which caused the app to open up on the s7 in the video :)

  5. I use to upgrade all the time, but I have no plans to yet with my Moto X style. I keep mine safe in a diztronic case.. The only downside is the battery life, but loads of phones you'll have to charge twice a day anyways and the fast charge really helps… I don't think the new Moto X style/pure 2016 will match it.

  6. Does your moto x have problems with music pausing when you're listening to music with your phone in the pocket? I'm just curious to know how widespread this problem is because I sent mine into repair a couple of weeks and just got it back this Tuesday and it still has the same problem. Customer service said they'll try and fix it again but if they can't get it right the first time, I have much less confidence now especially considering the inconvenience of having to go to another inferior phone for a week or so.

  7. Can you make a video on how to root Moto X Pure on 6.0 because every time I try I always end up getting in a bootloop?

  8. do you have the marshmallow update on your moto x? and if you do how are you using a SD card mine won't let me…

  9. I called Lobelle at the (978) number and told him I got his contact from you. I couldn't get him to believe me that you had entered him in a contest and he won a trip to the Bahamas at a time share.

  10. Still rocking my Moto X Pure, still loving it. Have you heard of the Axon ZTE 7? It most likely will be my next phone. Btw, your reviews of the mxpe a while back made me get one. Thanks and keep it up bro!

  11. You want to hear something funny I love Samsung fan but like Motorola as they make some really great phones.

  12. hey guys, i have a dillema. i'm getting a new phone at the end of the
    year and i'm doubting betwee the onplus 3 and the moto x style/pure. any

  13. I have ordered this from Amazon, but I heared that there is a wifi issue in this phone, is that true??

  14. My new Moto X Pure is charging right now.
    Added a 128 GB micro SD card to the 32 on board. Cannot wait to migrate my S6 Edge to it.
    Thank you for the video

  15. I have the Moto X for three months and so far, I'm loving it! My first phone was a was the Moto g. I upgraded to a Samsung 4. Missed my Moto g, but wanted better. I am very happy with my Moto X.

  16. How does anyone feel about the MOTO X PURE vs LG V10?Drawbacks to Moto-Non removable battery-Bleed-No 32bit DAC included I prefer LG besides the awful bootloop that hasn't been fixed.Not sure which to purchase.

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