Early Motorola Flip Phone commercial

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20 thoughts on “Early Motorola Flip Phone commercial

  1. That guy on 0:31 made two mistakes on the road: driving while talking on the phone without a wireless headset and not focusing his eyes on the road. He's gonna end up accidentally running over someone or some animal, or crash on to something, that's for sure.

    AND HOW COME THAT PHONE IS SO VERY CHEAP?!! $19.95?! That's like the cheapest cellphone in the history of all telephones I ever knew!

  2. This video is most likely from 1995. The model on the box is DPC 550 (at the 1:05 mark); according to Wikipedia, that's when that model came out.

  3. This was before shit hit the fan, now children have the attention span of a turd. I am a "millennial" too, and I do have a nice phone, but I'm not fkin obsessed with it like my younger collogues who jack off in their own motherfking fesses.

  4. Found one from my parent's attic and using it right now. It's pretty cool. XD Signal is really good. Battery won't die. And it's vintage. :)

  5. i am calling this number but nobody is answering!!!HELP!!!!
    I really want to order one of these super advnaced flip phones

  6. I had the flip phone when I was 18 and I loved it, It was $1.00 for the phone $24.99 activation fee. And calls were $1.00 per minute. I got it at Pc Richards And Son. it was awesome. I don't remember what the monthly minutes allowance was and how many minutes I was getting. I think it was $29.99 per month with 60minutes talk time, anything over 60 $1.00 per minute.

  7. Our first mobile phone was a bag phone we got for buying lots of gasoline, but our second phone was a phone like this (ours was all black).

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