Best Smartphone under $250 | Moto G4+ vs Idol 4!

The Best Smartphone for under $250?
Moto G4+:
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Moto G4:
Idol 4:
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20 thoughts on “Best Smartphone under $250 | Moto G4+ vs Idol 4!

  1. It's good to see you back Darius, but this is a step back in quality for you
    Your transitions are little too slow, pauses on certain subjects are far too long and you don't seem to be quite as enthusiastic

    I know you can do better, because I've seen better from you Darius.

  2. I would have gotten the Moto G4+ because I loved my first gen Moto G but the Idol 4 was $99 dollars on Cricket so it was just too enticing. Sadly we only have a 2 GB RAM version available to us which honestly is noticeable, would have paid more for more RAM if that version was available but I digress. It is a really great buy but unfortunately not to many people are taking advantage of it, because there is no press coverage like they was on the metro PCS ZTE Z Max

  3. great video. hands down the G4 plus is the clear winner. no gimmicks, just an amazing phone with a universal sim, clean software and great performance

  4. I'm from Brazil and I bought an Idol 4 $30 less than G4 Plus, better materials,3GB of RAM, JBL in-ears and the VR makes the difference for me :)

  5. Great video , you are one talented young man!Thank you for presenting both phones so well!im planning on getting the idol 4 very soon :)

  6. my man, signed in strictly to say within the first 20 seconds of your video, I could tell you have a skill for this. damn good job, keep it up. (and the music isn't annoying — which is hard not to do.)

  7. I just want YOUR HONEST opinion but would you say the iphone 5s is better than the Alcatel Idol 4 or the Alcatel Idol 4 is better than the iphone 5s?

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