Motorola Moto X Pure Review


In what is a remarkably strong package at a lovely price, the Motorola Moto X Pure Edition arrives to put a dent in the high-end Android market. Our review goes through all that makes this phone great, as well as its few drawbacks. Enjoy!

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  1. hate when they say it's not perfect well no shit Sherlock nothing is or will be cause guess what things are made by imperfect people.

  2. Nope, the Moto X camera beats the iPhone 6's and even the iPhone 6s'. That's according to DxO Labs, a much more credible source than Phone Arena, when it comes to cameras (they actually measure stuff…) Not only that, but the Moto X digital stabilization is way more effective than Apple/Samsung's OIS. Again, according to DxO. I know you obviously are an Apple fanboy, but the iPhone is really no match for any of the 2015 Android flagships. It uses components from two years ago. That's why Apple makes such huge profits, because they buy the cheap stuff and resell it at the highest prices. Consider that the screen resolution of the latest iPhones is now that of BUDGET Android phones… Oh, and my Moto X has a massive storage of 192gb (64gb internal + 128gb on micro SD.) Beat that, Apple! (Or even Samsung!)

  3. It's IP52, not IP57. IP57 means that it is mostly dustproof and submergable up to 30 min. at a depth of 1m. The Moto X Pure Edition (a.k.a. Style) isn't submergable.

  4. I ordered the Moto pure x edition designed by Jonathan Adler I like the design I can't wait to get it. I like that the camera is good, expandable memory and speakers in the front.

  5. Excellent review! And thanks for the unboxing of this phone, too as Moto's website says ZERO about what is included.

  6. How the fuck do you transfer files from Moto X Pure to desktop and vice versa? It only comes with C-Type USB <-> power adapter.

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