Motorola Moto X Indepth Full Review


Motorola Moto X Review it has a 4.7 AMOLED 720p screen and is a unique android phone coz of the touch-less controls & Active Notifications and at the time of this review run on Android 4.4.2 KitKat and I give you the pros and cons of the Moto X in this in-depth review.

Moto X Touchless controls & Active Notifications

All of my other videos on the Moto X

Moto X is available in India via Flipkart

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  1. sir , can u say which is the best phone that i can buy in about 24000 range and below ?? can u just plz help me ?? 

  2. Hi Ranjit, I have been watching all your review however I am totally confused now….I am very new smartphone user as, I have been using only the company provided mobile blackberry which has my company version software load without any smartphone function such as camera, watsapp, viber…sms etc…..

    Now I am fascinated by Moto X as MI3 (seems to be a dream thanks to Flipkart or Xiamoi). Based on you on line review I am bit confused…… I would request you to give a honest opinion….should I invest 24K on Moto X or wait for its upgrade which I know will be expensive…….Please suggest…. Thanks Kalyan

  3. Ranjit there are lots of reviews on flipkart that screen of moto x is very fragile and breaks easily … kindly help me with this as i am planning to buy motox ….. can you PLEASE  do a drop test on indian version of moto x, this will be great help for many viewer who are planning to buy this device …please help me with doubt about screen

  4. I would take this if it has the capacity to expand its storage :/ the voice thingy is such a waste in my opinion and annoying I'd say :/ otherwise it's a good phone 🙂

  5. Hi ranjit
    now we are getting this for 16200 can i take it my budget is 18k what do you suggest me.
    please reply me this is my interaction with you

  6. hii ranjit..m a big fan of yours..can u please tell which phone should i buy …note 4 or iphone 6 or lg g3 or xperia z3…????

  7. Sir, i need a help , i am confused that is it the right time to buy moto x as no adopter is provided, and i have doughty regarding the service of motorola. So, should i buy it or not and which charger will be best to use with it.

  8. I am thinking of buying moto X 2013 from flipkart since its very cheap now.. only concern i have is camera.. i heard a lot about moto x camera is not good.. but with upgraded version of lollipop will it work fine. can you please update me on camera on moto x 2013 with lollipop version.. orelese any other suggestion to buy mobile in same price range with same specs.. i dont see any other mobile with same specss…

  9. Because the Motorola product that is delivered by Flipkart
    Are being in damaged conditions
    So the suffers are the customer
    And the response of Motorola service centre is very worst

  10. Hello Ranjit ( sir ) I am using moto x since 2 months..( I purchased it on the big billion day )..but I don't understand why my phone is not getting updated to lollipop..every time I check the update it says YOUR PHONE IS UP TO DATE but actually its the KitKat version running on my u have any suggestions for up gradation of the os…Waiting fr ur reply..thnk u…

  11. Hello Ranjit, planning to buy a Moto X(2014) but a lot of people have complained about the screen breakage in the device. Could u throw some light on it, will be really helpfull. Is it so fragile and is the problem also seen in Moto X 1st Gen?
    Thanks for ur help.

  12. Will there be a lolipop update for moto x (1st generation) and even an update for touchless control like motox 2014 ??

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