Motorola Moto launch | Moto G 3rd Gen.| Moto X Play | Moto X Style/Pure Edition


This is my recap of the phones launched on todays Motorola Event, the Moto G 3rd. Gen, Moto X Play and Moto X Style/Pure Edition

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  1. I just need to see how good the camera on the Style is and if it is any better than the Moto X 2014 which I own, I'm sold. 

  2. Wait, you only have 16gb on your Z3? I thought you would've gotten 32. Wasn't that a difficult transition from the 64gb OPO? 

  3. Thanks for the video. You have a very similar opinion on smartphones to me. Especially regarding screen size and battery life.. I hope the Moto X is comfortable enough to hold with one hand without it being an issue 

  4. +Damir Franc i am more interested in moto x play with that 615 chip for a few reasons.. i think it should get phenomenal battery life because with the idol 3 on 5.0.2 i can get 5 hrs SOT in a 24 hr period all on mobile data. On a heavy day and me working to try to drain it i can get close to 6 hrs SOT in a 12-14 hr period and that's really pushing it hard. I think QHD is still way overrated as well and i prefer 1080 p for my usage. The x play won't be available in US so that is a minus for it as well. I am not sure about the x style because here is US you can get a g4 for about 480 on some carriers and 500 unlocked and that is about where the x play is falling into. Great thoughts!

  5. I the battery life is good Moto X Style is a goer. I personally don't need QHD it's a waste of battery in anyway. What I found appealing is X play which is £80 cheaper than Style, has bigger battery and FH screen. I am ex owner of 1+1 though my phone didn;t have any fault I know how the pain for others it was. Customer service is basically non existing with 1000 loops and humiliation steps before you would get replacement. Play still has same awesome camera as Style . By the way quick camera review here:–comes-with-21mp-camera-and-55-inch-display
    Actually it is first time in my life I will pick up mid-ranger which in my opinion has decent hardware. I will still wait to see if the screen colour accuracy is good which might be a deal breaker for me. Anyway nice talk Damir .Thank you!

  6. Looking at the newer phones for my options : G4, Oneplus two, Moto X, and eventually lg nexus. thanks to you, I think you may have just blown the oneplus two off my list. :D

  7. I recommend doing your videos in share-screen mode showing each phone's specs as you are giving us your knowledgeable opinion.

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