Motorola MOTO G Smartphone Don’t Turn On Not Able to Power On from Boost Mobile


The fastest way to reset a MOTO G if it does not power on is to remove the battery but the Moto G has a internal battery so we have to remove the Battery Cover by care fully remove all the the screw first. Once we get acces to the battery, care fully take a small screw driver and insert it UNDER the battery connector and pull it stright UP and conected again but viceversa, then power on the phone. I am sure this will solve the problem. If not then the problem will be the Motherboard, you might need to replace it.

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  1. A slight variation I heard elsewhere is that once you disconnect the battery, let the phone sit disconnected for at least 5 minutes. Next plug the charger in and see if the white charging screen comes up (battery charging icon). THEN connect the battery and keep it connected to the charger for a little before you put it all back together or while you screw it back together. If the charger is connected and the white charging screen doesn't come back on with the battery disconnected then it's probably bricked like mine…

  2. Thank you, opened case, removed battery connector and reconnected, phone came to life, sorted, cheers.

  3. My phone died after loosing the battery.

    My Moto G 1 does not power on even after doing what was described in the video, it only has the LED light on when we try to connect to power cable.

  4. My power button is broken. It has recessed into the phone so i cant turn the phone screen on. The battery is still fine because there is a way to turn it on (hook it up to laptop) but any time i need to turn the screen on after that i have to plug it in to a power source to light the screen up. Is the power button easy to repair?

  5. Same Here! My Mote(1st Gen.). I tried all above shown but nothing happened. My phone is 1.6 years old, hoping that the battery is ok, that means Is it Motherboard problem?
    Basically, I downgrade my Moto E 1st from 5.0 lollipop to 4.4.2 kitkat, after updating 4.4.4 my cell hard bricked.

    Can anyone help me to purchase & change it?

  6. my motorola moto g, does not turn on in any way, under charge the screen is turned off and only the LED notification remains permanent on, I tried holding the power key or the power key in conjunction with the volume down button but doesn't work, you have any suggestions?

  7. Hi, My Moto G has frozen on The Power Off button. Just says Shutting down, but has been like that for ages. Any idea how to sort please?

  8. hey im using moto g2 xt1068 … i rooted ma device ,an after rooting wn i switchd of ma device , waznt power on .. dn i flashed it an … later it waz working well … again wn i waz about to update suddnly ma device switched of n now it nat evn displayng ane thing.. totally dead plz help me out ……itz nat wrkng at all reply mee soon im waiting fr ua reply

  9. Hello.
    Last night my Motorola Moto Maxx XT1250 offered me an firmweare update. I acepted it and after download it started to install files…. After few minutes phone turned of (maybe on 1/3 of instalation process) and i couldn't turn it on again. I tryed all the combinations holding volume and power button and nothing… Any idea?
    Thank u much!

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