Motorola M900 Bag Phone Review – a Review of the Motorola M900 Bag Phone


Individuals who visit remote locations can benefit from the features offered by the sturdy Motorola M900 Bag Phone. The entire multimedia mobile communication device, including main bag and accessory pouch weighs an impressive ten pounds.

The detachable pouch contains a swivel spike antenna, backup battery, external microphone, wall charger, CLA car charger, User Manual, Installation Guide and short User’s Guide. The mobile phone has packet data Max BR support 153.6 kbps connectivity for notable connections even in the most remote areas.

Users can expect up to ten hours of standby time, up to approximately 200 minutes on the handset mode and up to approximately 105 minutes on the hands-free mode. Performance features also include full duplex with excellent audio quality.

The unit can be recharged easily through multiple power resources. The M900 Bag Phone can be recharged using a cigarette lighter adaptor, wall charger or rechargeable battery. The cell phone offers an ignition sense and internal antenna plus optional external antenna for ultimate reception.

Users can send and receive emails, faxes and files using Motorola Phone Tools. Short messaging service (SMS) is integrated into the system for quick text messages and the impressive speech recognition feature allows for instant name and number dialing.

The generous phone book is able to hold up to 500 entries and 20 voice tags. Conference calling is available with up to five participants and the unit has added security features to keep information safe. Security and cost control features include fixed dial and call barring.

The M900 Bag Phone has multiple language options and multiple ring tones. Visually, the unit is clear and crisp because of the 8mm character height high resolution display and the adjustable blue backlight and contrast display setting.

Operating the cell phone is easy using the generously spaced keypad and four-way navigation key. The privacy handset is used for private mode operations. The Motorola M900 Bag Phone is the ideal companion for individuals living, working or vacationing in remote areas.

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