Motorola Droid TURBO – After The Buzz, Episode 47


The Motorola Droid TURBO can be thought of as the bigger, brawnier cousin of last year’s excellent Moto X. In the States, it’s exclusive to Verizon Wireless, which means at least some folks in need of a durable, long-lasting smartphone probably switched networks to get it. Did they make the right call? Find out in our Motorola Droid TURBO re-review!

Learn more about the Motorola Droid TURBO. Check out our video review here:

Please note: the Droid Turbo in the above video switches from 3G to 4G in some shots, which implies that this may be the cause of the illustrated behaviors. Be advised that all behavior recorded in this video took place regardless of network condition, on both 3G and 4G LTE connections.

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  1. I've had mine for nearly a year now and I have few of the negative issues this and other video's report. I have never seen the battery below 65% at the end of the day. As for the screen issues, I held it right beside a Galaxy 6S in the Florida sunlight and neither could be read easily. The reviewer is splitting hairs here if you ask me.  I could tell no difference between the two in any light. The camera is the best I've had but as most doesn't work well in low light. Usually fuzzy.  Again, the Galaxy is no different. Sound is as good as I've ever had? Watch movies all the time.  I have no complaints with this phone other than it some times gets hot for whatever reason. Short lived condition and doesn't seem to effect the battery life. Mine is the 64 Gig model and I wonder if the 32's are not as good? I appreciated the one year warranty as the salesperson cracked my screen installing a case. It was replaced free by Motorola. Speaking of cases, I wonder why any of these reviews even mention the looks or feel of a specific phone. Everyone installs a case anyway! After that, they all look and feel the same.

  2. Sir i have droid turbo right now and its running on lolipop 5.1 how to update it to Marshmallow its not showing any update . whenever i check it from system updates it says that your device is upto date .. update has been released on 18th officially

  3. I have this phone in red. I am severely disappointed. I've only had droid smart phones this phone being my 4th droid and compared to my droid maxx this phone is a joke. the battery lasts about the same. the sound quality is terrible. I'm always trying to piece together what the other person is saying. I lose calls in car trips from work to home that I didn't have an issue with before. the phone isn't as durable as suggested. it fell off a table the first week I owned it and scuffed it pretty bad. it's hard to handle without my phone cover bc the rounded sides tend to slip right out of my hands. I wish I hadn't gotten this phone when I needed to replace my last phone. thinking of paying to get out of contract on this phone and switch to a Samsung…

  4. Funny that you had such poor battery life. I had several different Droid Turbo models (the black nylon for a while and then the purple / grey later revision) and I always had great battery life! I would get up to 6 hours of screen on time in a long day. Of course, I'm more tech savvy then the average consumer and I disabled a lot of the software bloat, including the "Active Display" which I just never used anyway. So maybe disabling some of those "always on" and "always listening" features is what gave me the extra hour and a half of screen on time?

  5. I've had mine since March and while it is the nicest smart phone I've had to date (considering I moved up from an iPhone 5c that's not saying much), I agree that the screen is fairly useless in the sun. I am definitely not disappointed thus far but unlike you, I have not had much experience with other phones with higher- or lower-end features. My sister has the Turbo 2 and besides not having physical front-facing buttons and a .2-inch larger screen, I haven't investigated it enough to really notice any reason to have gotten the Turbo 2 over the Turbo.

  6. +++WARNING READ THIS IF YOU ARE A DROID TURBO 1 OWNER NOT DROID TURBO 2 OWNER!!!+++i dropped my droid turbo 1 and it cracked the WHOLE right upper corner of my phone and now my phone screen started turning purple but it was like water got in the phone . but water never entered the phone. but now i cant see the time neither anything on the phone screen but it still turns on the screen when i press the power button on the right side, and also i can still hear the sound it makes when ou turn up the volume for notification alerts and media volume —–weird but warning you now dont drop droid turbo 1 on screen because it will break and its not a strong phone at all

  7. I've recently bought this phone, almost after two years of its release and i know it was a flagship then but I don't intend for it to work as one now I just want a phone that's durable and can do ordinary day to day functions better than current mid range phones. My questions are Have I bought an out dated phone? if no then how long will it take for it to be out dated as a mid range device? thanks.

  8. I love my droid turbo. I get hours of battery time without charging. it can last me almost all day even with at least moderate use. I've had it for 2 years and its still going strong.

  9. I had this device for a short time 7 days or so i took the phone back to trade for the Motorola Droid Max. I have from time to time wish that i would have kept the Turbo for it has now updated to marshmallow. My Motorola Max has been a very good phone battery life is pretty good about a good full day with good usage!

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