Motorola Backflip Android Phone


Android mobile phones are the future of mobile technology and every company is vying for attention in the market with the latest models of cell phones. Android phones are supposed to be smart, sleek and super-fast, allowing the user to multi-task.

The latest release from Motorola will enable you to stream the photos, tweets, status updates of you and your friends through the happenings widget available on its home screen. With the presence of Motoblur in this mobile, you will be able to synchronize your accounts in facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

Motorola Backflip is all packed with unconventional features. The 5 MP camera with auto focus, which automatically focus on the main portion. So, no need for manual focus. Moreover, it includes geo-tagging and picture editing software. Geo-tagging is applicable for GPS enabled handsets, as, it allows association of captured pictures with geographical location.

The Motorola Backflip is jam packed with features. The extras alone are worth drooling over. It has a five mega pixel camera with auto focus and image editing software plus geo tagging. Aside from that, multimedia playback on this mobile phone supports all sorts of file formats. For audio, this phone will play back AAC, AAC+, AAC+ Enhanced, AMR NB, MIDI, MP3 and WAV file formats.

Motorola places great trust in Android and has announced that it is going to release more Android-based products next year. Banking on Google’s fledgling yet very promising mobile phone OS could be in the right direction. The Android offers great customization features that appeal to the independent spirit of many smart phone users.

Apart from downloading useful applications from Android market, you will also be able to download a large number of latest applications from Google. This is possible because this mobile phone is using Android as its platform. It signifies that the users of this mobile will be able to enjoy the benefits of Google maps, Mail, talk, integrated GPS etc. The internal memory of the DEXT is 1GB. You can extend it up to 32 GB by using a microSD card.

Aside from the brand association, the Motorola Droid has some excellent features. Not only is it a touch screen, but it also has a physical qwerty keyboard, giving it the best of both worlds. The touch screen rivals the iPhone, and makes the first Blackberry Storm look silly. The Droid is just a tad thicker than the iPhone, though it is actually a bit narrower. The screen has a high resolution, which makes multimedia functionality quite impressive.

Users will find Verizon’s 3G service an added bonus, especially when using YouTube. But the reception is bothersome; the 3G reception is below par at times, and you might be forced to switch to Wi-fi. This is a big downside; that said, the positives of the Motorola Droid phone outweigh its negatives.

Even if doesn’t have iPhone’s smart and glossy look, and it can’t really be considered an iPhone slayer, the Droid is only the first device out of a future numerous family, and this can only mean a tougher competition on the smartphone market.

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