Moto Z Mods: Boom Box In Your Pocket?


We unbox the Moto Z along with the Incipio Offgrid Power Pack and JBL SoundBoost Speaker. We’ve seen modular designs before, but Motorola did it right!

For behind the scenes and more, follow us here:

Music by The Beat Smiths:

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  1. Let's cut that big talk and get to business already..the real buiz this time. Now you might see some babies dead off in the path way. Need some hope like the words maybe, if, or probably.

  2. What a terrible actor he is _and people believe this shit?? It's called propaganda and all you idiots Are falling for it

  3. This video sounds awesome with my Moto Z Force with the JBL speakers lol. 100 dollars off the phone at best buy and the JBL speaker mod came with it for free with my upgrade on the installment plan.

  4. I tried this phone out in Best Buy yesterday with the JBL mod and man, what an awesome sound! Made it sound so rich and full while watching the new Star Wars trailer. I wish the unlocked version was on sale now, I'd probably get it. Only the Verizon version is for sale currently and no way am I going to Verizon.
    I wish the kickstand would lay down a bit more to get the phone at a better angle though.

  5. Dude its milli amp hours! not milli amps. i mean you have like 600.000 subscribers. At least know what the fuck you are talking about. One is a current one is capacity…… god what is this world coming to.

  6. The wire doesn't unplug from the charging brick because the has Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 technology, which requires a compatible cable and charging brick. This way you can't lose your cable.

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