Moto Z and Moto Z Force Review! | Are Mods the future?


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With a couple of tricks up their sleeve, are the new Motorola flagships the phones to beat? We find out, in this Moto Z and Moto Z Force review!

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  1. I definitely need this in my hands, a way better upgrade from this xperia z3, can't wait to see what other "mods"they come up with.

  2. I've had this phone for less than a week and am falling out of love quickly. Its eternally warm or even hot. Place the extra battery on it (I have the Tumi) and it gets pretty hot. Its taller than most competitive phones, for reasons that seem unclear, making it just a little awkward. Not happy about the lack of a 3.5mm jack, though I bought a Bose bluetooth headset recently and don't really need the jack now. I really don't like how slippery the case is, and there seems to no backpacks yet that change that (putting a case on it would make it way too big). I miss how grippy my old Droid turbo was. Micro SD is a big plus for FLAC music storage, as I don't want to convert my library to something compressed just for my phone. Moto mods so far are pretty unimpressive and more novelty than useful. I'm really not sure if I'm keeping it or not yet.

  3. If I don't win this I just may get this next when they come to South Africa… These features are needed and such priority minus no headphone jack :(

  4. The best part of this has got to be that its Moto, something different in current times, I like it a lot since it's not something everybody has.

  5. Well I loved the fact that Moto Z has Rooted Up the game to be a premium smartphone of its generation !!
    Modular are in fact the best so far i have heard.

  6. I really like the moto z, being able to customize hard ware to fit ones need, having the z foce with the batery mod woud be an absolute batery monster, especialy good for pokemon go, going t be interestin g to se what companeis com up with for moto mods

  7. this is an excellent review of this amazing cell phones. the video and the voice of that guy make this so professional, love it!

  8. actually cameras are really different they both use sony sensors but the z force uses the sony imx388 and the z uses sony imx214 plus the z force has af with pdaf and laser af. so the z force not only has more mega pixels but a more advance sony sensor, check out the review at anandtech.

  9. Just like to add that it doesn't matter if they are only available on Verizon because Verizon now unlocks their phones so you can use it on any network . I have an iPhone 6 Plus from Verizon that I have used on cricket and Ting which are two GSM carriers.

  10. Nice but is the Z Force going to be Verizon locked forever or will is it going to be sold unlocked by next year or so? Looks great but carrier locked is always a bummer.

  11. No headphone jack, bigger bezel, less functionality than ever but hey you can switch backpates!
    Anyone sold on this phone must have the lowest needs on a smartphone possible. Interchangeable backplates, theres been phone covers since the flip phones!

  12. iPhone no head phone jack mind explosion. This phone no headphone jack "it's cool I can change the back of it!" Lmao

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