Moto X Style (Pure) VS iPhone 6S Plus – Apps Opening Speed Test!


Today we test the Moto X Style (Pure) against Apple’s iPhone 6S Plus to test which is quicker.
The Moto X took some discounts recently on Amazon US:

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  1. amazing video, iphone every year shows how overpriced it is (that is to someone that actually thinks and not sheeps that will buy it regardless)

  2. moto x all the way the price speaks for itself iPhone nearly twice the price you can customize the moto the way you like it expand the storage dual front facing speakers excellent camera iPhone has had its day

  3. Nice test mate thank you I've just purchased the 6s and to be honest it's not worth the money I like my Samsung a3more it just goes to show price aint everything

  4. 6s: $900 low specs might get outdated fast running ios

    X pure: $400 has good enough specs for thw future unlike iphone also running almost pure android

  5. About time someone said it. Great videos mate, but honestly…Do you never pay attention to the loading/refresh icon when doing browser tests?!

  6. Sadly the Moto X Force (Droid Turbo 2 in the USA) does NOT have 2 speakers. It just has one with a microphone on the left side of the bottom bezel. Not sure it's much different then the Moto X Style/Pure, I think the Camera is probably the same. Only difference is the Plastic OLED screen.

  7. You make a terrible mistake in my opinion. For some actions, iOS has no animation, Android does. So you see the opened page/window on the iphone when the animation on the Moto is playing, and you say the iphone wins on that one. If you disable the animations you'll see they do that operation in the same time.

  8. Se tiver o site em cache abre mais rapido mesmo, esse teste tem que ser feito com dois aparelhos novos tirados da caixa na hora!

  9. I really do appreciate your speed test except that there is a huge flaw. I hope you do realize that the animations for apps like Uber and Viber have different animations depending on whether it's on iOS or android. Please be logged in to Facebook when testing the app. Other than that, it's a good speed test

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