Moto X Style (2015) vs Moto X 2014: Hands-On Comparison


We’ve gone hands-on with the new Moto X Style/Moto X Pure/Moto X 2015 in a separate video. Now it’s time to see just what’s changed (and what hasn’t) between last year’s Moto and this year’s. I’m Michael Fisher with Pocketnow and this is a quick hands-on comparison: Moto X vs Moto X!


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  1. I'm sorry but nothing compares to an Amoled screen! Why change it? Moto x 2014 had one of the best screens I have ever seen to date, much better than any IPS display, QHD or not it makes no difference to me when you are up against an Amoled.

  2. really need to know the real world battery usage tests… if not that great then i'll go for the play (assuming battery is good – i heard the 615 processor is pretty bad on battery though…. )

  3. I am having trouble deciding between 3 phones.Out of the Note 5, S6 Active (S6 has crap battery life),  or the Moto X style, what should I get?

  4. Motorola's website clarifies this, it's a TFT-LCD qHD panel. No 'IPS' marking here, which is a downgrade compared to other qHD panles in the wild. Cost effective move no doubt.

  5. I quite dissapointed the the screen size. I would have much rather seen a 5,2" or even smaller phone. choice of "normal" sized phones is drastically small. And I even think 5" is already on the big side.

  6. Hello? Michael Fisher? This is the 1930's calling. We want our old timey radio announcer voice back please. Also, watch out for that Adolf Hitler, he's a bad egg!

  7. In my opinion, I think Quad HD is a waste of money. It does look nice, I will give it that, but the 1080p Super AMOLED display on the Galaxy s4 looked great too. Some may say 1080p is getting outdated, but in reality an upgrade to 1440p is useless and puts extra strain on the processor. Now, to be honest, this will not stop me from buying this new Moto X when it comes out, but I just wish we weren't headed toward these higher resolution displays… Soon enough phones will have 4k displays…. Useless….

    Anyway, aside from that this phone looks great rocking a six-core processor and 3GB of RAM…. And I have yet to see if the 21MP camera has anything to show (I know, that is not all that counts, but still) ;D My favorite part though is the front facing speakers! Good job Motorola.

  8. Optional Micro SD? Today, I'm trying to pre order my Moto X Style with moto maker, but there is no talk of SD card support, only internal storage. I'm confused.

  9. Does it have a gorilla glass? l am really concerned because i have read few reviews in flipkart for moto x2. Customers have stated that the glass in front is extremely fragile and it is easily broken even if it is dropped from a dining table height. Is that the same case with this phone? Someone please help me with this issue.

  10. The Moto community (also the Nexus community) has to be the most friendly community of Android fans I know of. The Samsung community is shit and full of tards that are as bad as Apple fanboys. All they do is brag brag brag about why their phone is the best and try to worship it like some sort of saint. Then, proceed to call other people idiots for buying a phone they want.
    Personally, I've had no troubles whatsoever with the Moto + Nexus communities!
    So, here's to all of the Moto + Nexus users out there! Cheers.

  11. I personally feel that it is disingenuous for Motorola to offer various incarnations of the same phone because for the lesser consumer, as in my case I bought the older phone by accident

  12. So many bugs on my 3rd Gen Pure. camera is better, but the flashlight opens in a snap the first time every time on the 2nd Gen. both are easy to hold, but the 3rd Gen Pure opens/unlocks at times without my pin code and randomly calls people. 2Gen never does that. 2nd Gen has hand wave to silence my alarm, 3rd Gen doesn't. I recently pulled the SIM card from my 3rd Gen and out it into my 2nd Gen, and aside from the better camera on the 3rd Gen, I still love the 2nd Gen X much more!!

  13. Ok, I haven't upgraded my X2 yet, but I'm thinking about doing so. Before I upgrade, I want to know does the Pure edition constantly remind you of the annoying as hell "recommended volume limit" because my X2 has that stupid reminder every 15 minutes, and it's annoying. Thank you.

  14. Hi im switching from iOS (4.7" iPhone 6) and i've been an Apple's customer for like 5 years, but now im done of apple same shit so i will buy the moto x pure edition on the next days, do you guys think switching from 4.7 inches to 5.7 will be an issue for me or will i found it hard to adapt?

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