Moto X Pure visited in 2016!


Moto X Pure visited in 2016! #MotoXPure #MotoX

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  1. Watching this video from my Moto X Pure Edition. I love watching YouTube videos and listening to music on Spotify with this device. Call quality is awesome too. A great overall package at a great price.

  2. Maaaan I thought I had my mind set on the OnePlus 3 but this phone is just so damn attractive, hardware and software! If a deal for this one comes up again before I get a OP3 I'll probably end up jumping on it.

  3. not to sure what adaptive storage is… someone told me if you put a memory card in it becomes part of phone memory???? is this true??? no need to move apps to SD card??

  4. j. Williams do you think the Moto X Pure Edition is worth buying at $249 for the 32GB version or is waiting for the Axon 7, Idol 4S or maybe the OnePlus 3 a better choice in 2016 in your opinion?

  5. i love this phone, i bought it on launch, but sadly mine is dieing the battery gets overheated and the quick charge hardly works anymore, im guessing because of the battery. i was disappointed when moto z was revealed, no dual speakers, the moto z has bad battery unless u want to buy a battery mod for like 60 or 80.. and the price of the moto z disappointed me a huge 600 dollar..

  6. great review, it reaffirms my apprehension about purchasing a phone immediately after it comes out due to bugs flaws etc that get worked out by the manufacturer in successive generations. im looking forward to getting my hands on one of these.

  7. I just got one on Amazon for 285$ and I've seen nothing but positive reviews about it. I'm very excited to try it.

  8. hmm, my mom's birthday is in 20 days or so and she wants her first smart phone. maybe I can give her my moto g3 and convince her to get me this lol. big size adjustment but i could get used to it probably.

  9. is adaptive storage really safe? what if you need to update the firmware does it remove the files? or like factory reset the phone?

  10. sorry to say but it makes No Sense what Tour saying . i Love that Phone and was thinking to re purchase ir myself Last week , but the thinks you say. are contradicting and you change subject after every word ..very confusing .

  11. I bought this phone for my father for $250 and it's nice. On T-Mobile, do you experience bad reception when making a call? I had to turn off LTE Voice and it's better now. Would you recommend this over the Moto G with the SD617?

  12. Love the Wood need to check that out and see if they have that for the Moto I have now.Really Love the look.J Thanks for the Review.Deb

  13. is that just the clear bumper you have on in the thumbnail? looks a little silver so I wasn't sure.

    great overview though. I agree the phpne has improved over time. I keep thinking I want to get the Moto Z Play, but then I start messing with this one again and there's really nothing wrong with it. the only major complaint is the battery but it usually gets me through the day so I feel like that's not too much of an issue…

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